Is this world turned on?

I still haven’t gotten any reply back from the several messages I sent my daughter. So, I guess she really has just gone radio silent with me.

I FINALLY was able to get my (three weeks overdue) Stelara injection this morning, after almost seven weeks of bullshit with the dermatologist’s office, the health insurance company, the “old” specialty pharmacy and the “new” specialty pharmacy. Neither pharmacy was good about returning calls AT ALL, nor was the “BioMed Nurse” at the dermatologist’s office.  I called the health insurance company and they also ran into problems with the dermatologist’s office not returning their calls.  But finally we got things wrapped up after I asked for the office manager to take a leadership role in the whole thing. She got that accomplished for me in just under 2 days. Should have gone to her first, I guess.

Still trying to get in with a therapist. ANY therapist at this point. Seems that most of them have no concept of the term “common courtesy” because I have left messages and don’t hear back. I left one a message a week ago today and, because she’s the therapist for a friend of mine, I asked my friend to give her a “nudge” when she had her appointment yesterday. How did the therapist respond? Sent me a reply email with the names of 5 other therapists and “good luck.”

Because I didn’t hear back from therapist 1, I called therapist 2 on Tuesday. No return call.  Had to leave a message for therapist 3 and did that on Wednesday. No return call.

My vehicle is due for some service so I called the dealership to set that up. Nobody answered the phone – it just rang and rang and rang and rang, with no voice mail. I hung up and called back and someone answered the phone. I asked for the service department and was put through to…voice mail. That was at 8:00 this morning, and 6 hours later, no return call.

I’m starting to get a complex.