I have come to the conclusion that shutting me out of your life may be hazardous to your health.

Linda (younger daughter) had precancerous conditions in the cells of her cervix a few years back. She’s on-again-off-again with me, depending on what direction the wind blows and it was during an off-again spell that she had this health crisis.

Tammy (foster sister), with whom I have always been close, shut me out just after Lisa and I split.  There’s blame on both sides, and it doesn’t really need rehashing – just suffice it to say that she shut me out four years ago and I’ve heard nothing from her since.  I did hear, though, through her mother, that she had cervical cancer just after blocking me out of her life.

Michelle (older daughter), for reasons which are still unclear to me today, just abruptly cut me out of her life two years ago.  Three months ago she was diagnosed with “an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer,” and is currently undergoing aggressive treatment.  **Note: she’s lifted the ban on me being in her life.

Just yesterday, I contacted Lisa (the ex) to see if she wanted some stuff that I am getting rid of as part of reclaiming the garage.  I learned that she, too, has breast cancer, having undergone “a bilateral mastectomy” in the past week or so.  She says she is currently cancer free.

It was a few hours after I spoke with Lisa when I began to put this all together.  Weird coincidence or is the karma or whatever I put out into the universe that toxic when important people in my life shut me out? Am I some kind of karmic Typhoid Mary?

Funny – not in a “haha” kind of way, but really bizarre.