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To know Sadie is to love her – all of her.

Often I have said that she is too smart for her own good, as she seems quite adept at problem solving and, most especially, training her Mom.

When she was a very young adult, around a year old, she figured out that if she stood on her back legs and tapped my cheek as I sat on the couch or recliner, I’d think it was cute and give her treats. It worked. As she grew older, I tried to pretend not to notice and, when I did that, she’d just reach up and pull the treat container off the end table and then give me a look that seemed to say “That was just in case you were too stupid to figure out I want treats.”

She meows at the sliding patio door when she wants to go out on the patio, or stands on her back legs and taps the knob on the door leading out to the garage when she wants to go out there and explore.

To say the least, she lets her desires be known.

Around 5:00-6:00 every morning, she wants me to pet her. She nudges my hands until I give in and pet her. Recently, I’ve been playing possum and pulling my hands either under the covers or under the pillow.

It took her less than a week to figure out that, if she “kisses” me, her whiskers tickle my face and that rouses me quickly.

Dogs and cats are going to take over the world, I’m sure of that. And, given how adept they are at problem solving, coupled with their ability to love unconditionally, I think they’ll do a much better job of it than we “intelligent” humans have throughout the millennia.