Since the election, there have been conservatives (most notably Trump supporters) who have used the term “snowflake” to denigrate those of us who oppose the newly elected #LiarInChief.

I’ve decided that I like being a snowflake.

No two snowflakes are alike. When in the company of other snowflakes, they are beautiful. In the light, snowflakes shine and sparkle and amplify the brightness of the sun.

Snowflakes are delicate. Any single snowflake, while beautiful in its own right, is unremarkable but, when combined with enough other snowflakes, they can be powerful. They become a storm. They can crush buildings. They can close roads. They can disrupt utilities. They can fell trees. Snowflakes have been known to shut down the entire US government from time to time, when enough have gathered together.

So yeah, call me a snowflake. I consider it a compliment!


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