After yesterday’s historic Women’s March across the WORLD, there comes some very creative and humorous signs that are just too good not to share. I wish I could give credit where it’s due, but couldn’t even begin to – just know that *I* am not the author of any of them.


Melania, if you need help, blink twice.

Without Immigrants, Trump Would Have No Wives!

Trump’s so vain, he probably thinks this March is about him.

If you think we’re mad now, just wait ’til we sync our cycles!

We are the wall, and Trump is paying for it.

Tweet others the way you wish to be tweeted

I’ve seen better cabinets at IKEA!

I know signs. I’m really good at making signs. I make amazing signs. Everybody says so.

Damn right we’re snowflakes! WINTER IS COMING.

Too bad my uterus doesn’t shoot bullets, then the government wouldn’t try to regulate it.

The devil whispered in our ear “you’re not strong enough to stand the storm.” Today we whispered in his ear “we are the storm”

Since you are cutting off my reproductive rights, can I cut off yours?


It’s my vagina you dick

We don’t want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants

And a picture of Trump with the words “Does this ass make my sign look big?”

If I make my uterus a corporation, will you stop trying to regulate it?

This is the only way Trump can make women come!!!!

Our nation needs a morning after pill

Respect my existence or expect my resistance

Thou shall not mess with Women’s Reproductive Rights. Fallopians 1-21

If you take my birth control, I’ll make more feminists

Think Outside My Box

Does this ASS (picture of Trump) Make our country look smaller?

My arms are getting tired from holding this sign up since the 1960s!

President trump,urine over your head.

Trump is very religious; he is his own god

In Britain, Trump means FART

Separation of Crotch and State

…and then they came for the Muslims and we said,”not this time motherfucker”