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I’ve read a lot of commentary, from both sides of the issue, on the recent incident with Memories Pizza in Indiana.

Let’s take a step back here and really look at the situation, though.

The owners of Memories Pizza, while woefully ignorant, still represent a type of idealism that has swept across this nation.

These religious freedom laws aren’t just about discriminating against gays and lesbians (which is really the common theme with most of the protests I’ve seen).

The terrifying truth is that it goes well beyond that. Suppose these Cafeteria Christians are card-carrying members of the KKK. This religious freedom law now makes it legal for them to discriminate against:

1. Gays, because the Bible, in the Old Testament, which many Christians swear is no longer valid since the New Testament, “says so.”

2. Jews – Enslaved and persecuted throughout the history of man, and another target for White Supremacy groups such as the Aryan Nation and the KKK.

3. People of color, whose struggles for equality in this nation will likely never end as long as this kind of law exists (remember Jim Crow?).

4. Women – shouldn’t they be in the home, caring for the children and leaving Man’s work (earning a living) to men, and why do they need to buy a pizza when they should be in the kitchen serving their husband, like the Bible says?

5. Nuns and/or Priests – easily identified and everyone knows Catholicism isn’t REAL Christianity anyway, right?

6. Mormons – why do they need that substitute bible anyway? For the remaining arguments, see item 5.

7. People with tattoos or piercings – because, as Hank Hill once said, you can tell just by looking at them that something ain’t right.

I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point. If I’m a business owner in Indiana, I can refuse to do business with you because I don’t like the way you part your hair, and can hide behind the Bible for justification.

But what if that business is a privately owned Urgent Care facility? A “Christian” hospital? A national drug store chain or, worse yet, the only drug store in town?

This is about more than one business saying stupid shit on TV, hoping to get their 15 minutes. This sets this nation back centuries to where women were chattel, blacks were slaves, and children worked long, arduous days for pennies. All because white “Christian” men thought it was their God-given right to put those people in that position.

Wake up, America. ISIS isn’t the only terrorist organization to fear. We have our own home-grown terrorists who write, pass and enact laws just like this, and fan the flames of hate.

Don’t rail against the business owners – deluge the political FB pages of the people who propose, pass and ENACT these laws.