Nobody loves a hypocrite.

And yet, hypocrites believe that, for all their ranting and raving, and for all that they say or do, their hypocrisy doesn’t shine brightly for the whole world to see.  It does.  It is a beacon in the night, calling out to the world to stay away, to not trust that individual, to not get sucked in by their bullshit.

In my mind, there are hypocrites, and there is a simple act of hypocrisy.  I believe that the two are vastly different. Sometimes, that single act of hypocrisy does not define the individual. It’s isolated and never repeated.  But then there are the others – the hypocrites – those that live, breathe, eat and shit hypocrisy.

God how I hate hypocrisy.  I hate it so much that, when I realize that someone is a hypocrite, I simply remove them from my life.  This is the newer, stronger, healthier Pat who no longer tolerates hurt and angst, where she has control of it.  I have put people out of my life in the past year – some of whom I have known for most of my life.  I have done so because of their repeated hypocrisy – and it was painful for me to realize what hypocrites they were, but it was also good to realize that it was far healthier for me to eliminate them (and, with that, their hurtful hypocrisy) from my life.

This post was borne of a new act of hypocrisy.

And yes, as my friend Rhiannon says, this is a form of vaguebooking.  But, I needed to get it off my chest.