I think we are all creatures of habit.  We like structure, order, and routine even though we say we don’t.

Every single morning, my clock radio goes off at 6:20.  Marti Casper Meyers is (was) the morning personality.  I loved listening to her talk about life.  She was real, funny, and maybe just a tad bit irreverent (but never disrespectful).  When I am getting ready in the morning, I know what I should be doing when the news comes on, or Hollywood Bytes, or any of the other things she always did on a schedule.  She kept me on time every morning.

Sure, anyone else can keep me on schedule, but Marti did it because I actually LISTENED to her. She’s a mother. An athlete. A spin instructor. Someone who constantly works for a better cause than a paycheck. A consummate professional who gave everything she had – including family time – in order to do the job of morning DJ on WFKL 93.3 (Fickle 93.3).

And today, she got “restructured” out of a job.

I just restructured the dial on all of my radios. No more Fickle 93.3.  In an age of playlists and electronics integration in cars, it would seem to me that these types of decisions would be very carefully thought out because people don’t really like change. People listen to certain radio stations for a reason.  As I told Marti, I have no loyalty to any radio station.  It is the radio personality that makes or breaks my listening experience.  As it is, I only listened to the radio in the mornings because I liked listening to Marti.  I did NOT like listening to the jackass that was on the air on my ride home.  He uses “that’s so gay” as an expression, and doesn’t GET how offensive it is.

I have more than 600 hours of music that can be played in my car.  I’ll be doing just that.

As far as I’m concerned, they just changed their name from Fickle 93.3 to Fuckoff 93.3.