It would seem that the stars and planets are aligned properly right now.

In the previous post, I reported that my lawyer’s assistant called me yesterday to tell me that the divorce had been signed and would be filed immediately, and I would have it in my hand by the week’s end. I did the Snoopy dance on that news.

When I got home, I checked the mail, and there in the mailbox lay a large manila envelope with the return address “Department of the Army, US Army Human Resources Command.”  I opened it, looked at the top sheet and broke into a huge grin. It’s the application packet for my Army retirement.  It has to be filed at least 9 months prior to my 60th birthday, which is July of next year.

Saying I’m doing the Snoopy dance today would be a gross understatement. I have been walking around with a HUGE shit-eating grin on my face.  Based on the estimates they provided (for me to calculate), my retirement is worth between $.314 and $.343 for every point I earned. And I earned 6335 of them.  My retirement from the college will be considerably less, but the two retirements should keep me comfortable until I draw Social Security in 3 years.  I’ll have health insurance coverage with my college retirement, and have all  eligibility for military (VA) coverage as well.

This is why I pushed my lawyer so hard to get this divorce finalized before July of this year.  July 5th would have marked our 10 year anniversary of being legally married, which would have opened up a host of entitlements to Lisa.  As it is, she whined about me not putting her name on the house during our 12½ year relationship. Thank GOD I didn’t do that!

So, no Social Security entitlements for her.  I played hard ball viciously and got her to waive any claims to either of my retirements, whether she was eligible or not.  And, I walked away WITHOUT having to pay her back the $12,000 she used out of her IRA to buy the farm.  I walked away with all my retirement(s) intact. She has none and now has to work for a long, long time to earn anything.

For once in my life, all the planets, stars and the moon aligned in my favor.  So, at least for today, I’m going to savor the good feeling.

All is right with the world. Today.