As many of you know, I’ve been taking classes here at MCC in an effort to learn something about the business world and what challenges I will face with regard to our business. In all honesty, the degree was secondary to my desire to learn and, based on what MCC had outlined for my major (Entrepreneurial /Applied Business Studies), I was very impressed with the program and eager to begin the learning process.

My first experience at an online course here at MCC was fantastic. It was a course in Supervision and the instructor had the course well-organized, instructions were clear and concise, and she required a lot of writing to thought-provoking questions. I enjoyed that class and learned a lot about the basics of business and myself as a potential business owner. I got an A in that course and was pretty darned pleased with myself. I reasoned that, if I could get an A in that course with all of that writing, I could succeed in anything else.

In stark contrast, my next foray was the total opposite. It was an Introduction to Business course and one I eagerly anticipated. However, on 14 separate occasions, the instructor had excuse after excuse after excuse as to why modules weren’t opened in a timely fashion, and papers weren’t graded. I stuck with it, however, and finished with an A in spite of the professor.

Next it was English and Entrepreneurial Studies I. The English teacher was also ill-prepared and disorganized. During the Thanksgiving holiday, students were sitting at their computers for hours at a time, posting on the discussion boards “Where is the assignment?” and “Why isn’t it posted?” Assignments were posted late but due dates weren’t changed. I reasoned that it was ridiculous to subject myself to that kind of stress voluntarily (as many of the students’ posts seemed to indicate they were ready to implode from the stress) and withdrew from the course. I decided there were enough English 101 courses taught online that I could take it another semester with a different teacher and, hopefully, have better luck.

The Entrepreneurial Studies I class, in stark contrast, was interesting and challenging. The professor supplemented textbook information with self-assessment exercises and asked us to write our thoughts about our self-assessments. Even though the course was tough, I eagerly rose to the challenge, and finished up with an A.

This semester, I’m enrolled in Entrepreneurial Studies II and am enjoying it immensely. Like the first part, it is challenging and requires a lot of thought and a lot of writing. So far, I’m carrying an A.

I’m also enrolled in a late-start Economics class that starts next week. I found out today that not only does it require a $140 textbook but it also requires access to a web portal that costs an additional $90. I’m going to drop the class before it starts. It’s ridiculous — this is the equivalent of a $230 textbook, for all intents and purposes, and it’s not even a core requirement course.

Another course I really need for the degree, and really want for its subject matter, is Introductory Accounting and Financial Analysis. It’s not offered online. It’s not offered in the evenings. It’s only offered during the day when working people cannot take it. I can take Accounting 101 and Accounting 102 instead but between the two it’s more accounting than I need and less financial analysis than I need. Not to mention the fact that I would have to pay for TWO classes (6 credit hours) to get the four credit hours I need for the requirement.Ā  Did I mention a $150 textbook, with a $60 workbook for EACH of the two sections of the course, PLUS a $90 web portal access fee?Ā  That’s $300 per semester in materials.

I also need Principles of Marketing and, from what I can see, the only person who teaches it online is the one with the 14 excuses.

And, just to add some frosting to the cake, I submitted all of my military training for review and to have it converted to college credits. I got hosed on that as well. Much of the training I took in the military was far more advanced than the 101 level courses taught in any college but I was not given hardly any transfer credits.
I should have been given credit, for example, for the Freshman level English. No go. Freshman level natural science. No go. Interpersonal Speech and/or Small Group Communication. No go. Oh, but the good news is that I got those two credit hours for physical education! Not much else, but I won’t have to take a gym class.

With only a few years left between me and retirement, I don’t NEED this degree. I just thought it would be nice to work toward it because the program itself would have been so beneficial to us with our business. MCC has “talked” me right out of pursuing this any further.

MCC is a great place to work, don’t get me wrong, but it sure isn’t the place for me to get a degree.