I’m back, sort of.

I got sort of burned out blogging.  Sometimes it just gets to a point where it seems like a chore. So, I’ll give it another run and see where it takes me.



It’s no secret that I think that Sarah Palin is worse than stupid.  I also think that she’s a publicity whore who just doesn’t seem to get much when it comes to intellect.  The only thing she understands is at the intelligence level of dumbshit – you know the types, the ones that listen to Rush Limbaugh and think he speaks gospel.

Of more concern is the people that think she’s politically savvy and capable of the Presidency.  These people are not well-read, they understand very little politically, and know next to nothing except what they hear on TV or the internet from unreliable sources (like Rush Limbaugh).  They know and understand just as little as Sarah Palin does, which is what makes her (and them) dangerous.  Like her, they see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe.

These are the same people that swear uphill and down that President Obama is Muslim (because someone said so) and offer absolutely no valid logic or proof behind the assertion. They hate the thought of a Muslim in the White House and would rather elect the Queen of Space Cadets to sit one seat away from the Presidency than to have a Muslim for President.  These are the same people that lashed out at Obama for his more than 20 year tenure in a CHRISTIAN church led by what appeared to be a hatemonger. Which is it? Is the guy a Muslim or a hateful Christian?

They believe in Sarah Palin’s “death squads” simply, it seems, because she said so. They subscribe to the theory that global warming is some liberal hoax because they read it on the internet.  And yet these same people decry the news stories that circulated about former President Bush’s desertion of the National Guard, even though documents exist to prove it. They point out that news agencies which provided documentation and testimony regarding Sarah Palin’s abuse of power as Governor of Alaska (with regard to the ex brother-in-law) as coming from a “liberal” publication and, therefore, an unreliable one while, in the same breath, holding FoxNews as the best example of factual reporting.

Here’s the thing — if these people were to actually seek out information from various sources, no matter how distasteful they may find those sources, they may actually find that they are not as “slanted” as they thought and they might actually learn a thing or two.

They might look at Sarah Palin’s recent video and really LISTEN to what she has to say rather than be dazzled by her (*retch*) good looks and/or charm. She comes right out and says that she condemns violence. Great. Good for her. She claims she condemns violence. But her speech and use of language say otherwise.

Do I think that Jared Lee Loughner committed murder as a result of Palin’s language? No. He and he alone is solely responsible for his actions. A friend of mine calls Palin’s use of GUN crosshairs to “target” 20 politicians an “unfortunate choice.” I agree to some degree but I also assert that if the crosshairs were the only “gun language” she used, we could leave it at that.  But Sarah Palin used terms like “reload” and “lock and load” when it came to targeting and re-targeting these pols and, rather than just say “Hey, you know, in hindsight I could have used less offensive speech.  In the wake of the shootings in Arizona I see now how my words and actions could be perceived as offensive and I apologize.” That would have been the classy thing to do.

What does she do instead? She paints HERSELF as a victim of the media and politicians, referring to criticism of her as “blood libel.” And in a twist of irony, she condemns the right to free speech exercised by the media, pundits, bloggers and politicians while asserting her own in defense of her offensive language!

Sarah Palin is a vacuous airhead.  As my ex used to say “With all that vacuum between her ears, she probably gives one hell of a header.”


For a much more articulate, eloquent  (and far less hateful, I’m sure) rant on Palin than mine, read this Palin commentary at Frum Forum.