…except for us. Hehehe Even 80 miles to the south, where my daughter and granddaughters live, they’re under a winter weather advisory.  Lisa’s family, as well, is either expecting snow, or digging out.

We’re supposed to get high winds overnight and tomorrow.  Let’s see…winter wonderland, 2 hour commute to work, backbreaking shoveling, wet feet, slippin’ and slidin’ into work or heavy winds.  Hmmm…tough choice to make there.  NOT!  We’ll get it soon enough and, typically, we have our greatest snowfall when y’all are thawing out and your tulips are blooming.

For those of you getting the snow…KEEP IT!  We’ll keep the 60 mph wind gusts here and you keep your snow there. K?

Lisa and I are taking classes here at the college.  She’s already enrolled in one — Entrepreneurial Studies.  We’re going ahead with our business plan, and hopefully the first of the year we’re going to get to a bank and get a small business loan to buy some land, some equipment and some other stuff so we can start/have our own vegetable farm.  The degree program we’re enrolled in is basically Entrepreneurial Studies and Small Business Management.  Lisa’s our “Operations and Logistics” Officer and I’m the “Administrative and Finance” Officer.  We complement each other with our individual skills.  Hopefully, by the time I retire in 2,093 days the farm will be making enough profit that I can retire without worries and with the ability to still do administrative and bookkeeping duties and get paid for it.  But I’d rather work in my pajamas.

Some Facebook statuses from a couple of my friends:

gay and lesbian Americans should not have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in EXTRA TAXES while having hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits denied to us!! Meanwhile the political organizations who lead the effort keep the status quo are granted tax free status i.e. the Roman Catholic and Mormon Churches Inc.

Winter Wonderland carol re-write for my friends in New York State: “in the meadow, we can build a snowman. Then pretend that he is Parson Brown. He’ll say, “Are you married?” We’ll say, “No, man! ‘Cause the bigots in the Senate shot us down.”

Can I get an “AMEN!”?