That’s what’s going on these days.  Nothing.  Nothing new, at least.

We continue to spend a lot of time (Lisa does, mostly) at the vegetable farm.  I went back to work Monday after almost 3 full weeks off — major bummer.  I told Lisa she needs to make a LOT more money so that I can retire now — or at least, next year.

I got my annual propaganda statement on my retirement Monday and that’s got me thinking “retire, retire, retire.”  I now understand why people close to retirement are so useless at work.  I couldn’t care less and all I can think about is retiring.  I plod along, disinterested for the most part, even the things I once enjoyed seem like a huge chore now.

Six more years (and about 16 days after that) and it’ll all be over.

Until then, I’ll try to get by on nothing…..