Yeah, all’s quiet at our house, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing.

I drove the kids to Buffalo this morning for their flight back home to Colorado. I was actually pretty good right up to the point when little Ethan wrapped his little arm around my leg and said “I love you Gramma Pat!” That’s when I started swallowing watermelons. Didn’t want the little ones to see me cry, so I choked back the tears, hugged and kissed Ethan (and he let me!), hugged and kissed little Brandon and chatted with him for a minute about how much I enjoyed his visit. Hugged and kissed Linda and big Brandon, and watched the airport swallow them up as they entered the building.

By the time I reached the airport exit, I was blubbering with tears streaming down my face.

I wish they didn’t live so far away. I ADORE the little ones but I SO enjoyed having Linda and Brandon around, too.

I was glad it was more than an hour’s drive back because it gave me time to compose myself — so I drove not home, but to work. What the heck — didn’t want to go home to that empty, quiet house. Soon enough I’ll have to but not right now.