Lisa’s grandfather quietly passed away last night.  He was 93 years old and outlived his wife by a mere 20 months.  She passed away 10 days after their 68th wedding anniversary at the age of 92.

Karl Sherwood is the person largely responsible for shaping Lisa into the person she is today, as far as attention to detail and work ethic.  He was a tough task master around the farm but perhaps that’s why his dairy farm was always a “Farm of Distinction.”

I’ve only known the man for a short eight years but grew to love both Karl and Irene.  I always looked forward to visits with them whenever we went to Pennsylvania for the holidays or just a visit.  As old as they were, they were still both as sharp as tacks and oh, how they made me laugh with their wit and humor.

A bit more than two weeks ago Lisa’s family called with the news that he wasn’t expected to last through the next 48 hours — but you can’t hurry Karl Sherwood up.  He does things in his own time and his own way.  He held on for more than two weeks more before he finally let go.

I imagine that Irene, much stronger and able to walk and hold his hand, has welcomed him with a warm embrace, and he can now take her hand and walk her home.