We took my granddaughter, Vanessa to PA with us for Lisa’s family Christmas. I think she had a really good time. She engaged Lisa’s family members, and I was so proud of her — she’s grown into such a nice young lady.

It seems that Laura Bush isn’t amused by the shoe-throwing incident.

Asked if she thinks someone who attacks another person should be released, Bush said, “that’s going to be up to the Iraqis.”

“And they’ll do whatever. But I know that if Saddam Hussein had been there, the man wouldn’t have been released. And he probably wouldn’t — you know, would have been executed.

Now, if I was a read-between-the-lines sort of person, I’d think she was suggesting that the Iraqi be executed for throwing shoes at Dubya. Frankly, I think the guy deserves an award and I think that every American who voted him OUT of the White House should mail him a pair of old shitty shoes. Or at least the soles of said shitty shoes.

Be sure to be considerate at the movies the next time you go.  People take their movies seriously and some of them really, really, REALLY hate it when you talk or otherwise distract them during the movie.

I’ve been watching Showtime tonight, and they’re showing season finales of all our favorites. One of which is the L Word — at the “wrap-up party” for Jennie’s movie, Bette and Tina on the dance floor, while “Walk on By” plays. HOT!

The Detroit Lions, today, made NFL history by going an entire season without a win. If you ask me, that’s a testimony to leadership, from the OWNER on down, but mostly for the owner who refuses to invest in his team.

A week or so ago, we got a foot of snow overnight and a couple of days later, a few more inches. It has been quite warm the past few days and all that snow has melted off quickly — and now there’s flooding along the creeks and the rivers. And winter has barely started. I’m thinking we’d better hunker down for a long, bizarre winter.

It’s late (or early, depending on your point of view) — 2:00 AM, so I should get some sleep.