That’s how many steps my pedometer registered last night.

Twenty three THOUSAND, four hundred, sixty six.

Given the length of my stride, that’s 10.7 miles, 18,832 feet, or 677,952 inches.

Given those numbers, it’s no real surprise that my feet hurt as much as they do.  Hell, they don’t hurt, they’re dogs that just won’t stop howling!


We got just about a foot of snow yesterday.  Everything is snow covered and, with the sun now shining, it’s just breathtakingly beautiful.

We’ve heard a lot of snowblowers in the past 24 hours, seen a lot of private snow plows and still, with all of that, nature’s beauty cannot be pushed away.  Thankfully.



My son-in-law has shingles.  His face, eyes, and lips are affected and the poor thing is just miserable with the pain and inability to eat.  My daughter is stressed out over the cost of the meds for the shingles, as the health insurance they have doesn’t cover some of them.  They have an annual deductible of a few hundred dollars and, that combined with the cost of the meds has her seeing red in more ways than one.  Hopefully things will settle down for them in the very near fugure so that they can enjoy the holidays somewhat.  Send them positive vibes.  Sure, it’s not a life-threatening or life-alering thing, but they’re good kids and they work hard.  They could use a break.


061I got my final Order of Protection against my stalker/harasser. Regular readers here will remember that this was the person who logged into comments with the name “I have proof.” Well, now that it’s said and done, I can tell you that this individual was also harassing me at work — having worked for me as a temporary and, with some personal issues that he felt he had to hold me accountable for (rather than take ownership of his own lack of accountability).

He sent an email to my division VP, accusing me of a lot of things that were purely imagined on his part — not one “complaint” was on his own behalf, rather, it was perceived by him that I was doing wrong in various areas.

So, because of his allegations, I was given a copy of his correspondence to the VP and I prepared a 30-page rebuttal of every single point he made. As an example, he claimed that I “abused” all of my student aides — screaming at or swearing at them. I submitted statements from 4 of my most recent student aides which completely contradicted his claims of abuse. Each and every one of them not only contradicted his claims of abuse, but went on to say that they have maintained contact with me after they left — and why would they do that if I “abused” them?

He accused me of falsifying my time sheets. Specifically, he said that I signed my own overtime sheets, and that I put in for overtime during weeks that I had been out one or more days. He said he had seen it several times on the occasions that he had taken our time sheets down for my supervisor to sign mine. The way our system works is that, if I am out sick on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday I stay an extra hour each day, I get charged for the sick day, but get two hours of straight time overtime for the two days that I worked an extra hour. I am also required to sign any document that I submit. The overtime is not credited to me WITHOUT my supervisor’s approval. So he’s accusing me of falsifying official documents based on a system that he neither knows or understands.

He claimed that, when LOGO was here doing the documentary on us, he felt “coerced” into granting an interview. When I contacted the production company, they offered to provide a copy of the “raw audio” that they had. When we arrived at my office, I was “mic’d” and told him that, if he didn’t want any part of it, he was welcome to leave and I’d not think any less of him. He said “No, I’ll stay, it’s okay.” They have that on audio. So clearly, his feeling “coerced” was buyer’s remorse.

He complained that I had used parts of conversations between the two of us in speeches. Hmmm…I’m thinking that this guy has never heard of the First Amendment — and he must also work on the theory that, what’s said in the office stays in the office. He also complained that I had published my speeches on my blog. Again, first amendment. Besides, he was never mentioned by name or occupation.

There were a lot of broad, sweeping generalizations but not one single, solitary thing to substantiate what he said. While I probably didn’t need to, I submitted more than 30 pages of supporting documentation to the VP and to HR, which should have exposed him for what he was. Disgruntled, unable to accept ownership of his own bad decisions, unable to take responsibility for himself, and more than willing to blame someone else for his own shortcomings.

Anyway, the District Attorney also felt that this guy’s actions, both at work, on my blog, and in that correspondence to my employer constituted harassment and, so, he was charged.

The thing is, it seemed that he had the whole damned family in on his obsession. Hits on my blog were appearing from places where his girlfriend worked (the local city school district), where his mother worked (an AF base downstate) and where his mother/stepfather lived (downstate). Coincidence? Not likely, given the frequency of the hits on my blog. I told the DA that, with that kind of obsession, and the type of poor impulse control he showed at work, I think it indicated he was a loose cannon and would be capable of anything. The DA agreed and complied with my request for a six-month order of protection. Hopefully he’ll find something more constructive to do with his time.

And hopefully, he’ll get over his obsession with me.  I’m taken!