Naw, not really, but really busy between the end-of-semester crunch at my full-time job and working nights at the post office.

It’s 1 AM right now and I’m only unwinding a little before I go to bed.

I’m glad to see that Senator Malcolm Smith appears to have done the “stand up thing” and broken off negotiations with the “gang of four” from downstate, saying that civil rights shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip for political gain, and that if those bozos want to defect to the Republican party, then the Democrats will choose to stay in the minority because they’re not going to allow these renegades to dictate how things are going to run in Albany. Good for him — but, as my friend Rodger is always pointing out, the man *is* a politician, his lips are moving, and it’s a “time will tell” sort of situation.

If you get a chance to DVR or otherwise see a program on The National Geographic Channel called “Lockdown, Kids behind bars” do it. My son-in-law is one of the corrections officers in the show. We’re SO proud of him!

Two weeks until Christmas. *sigh* Another year gone forever.