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We had our orientation for the post office job today — it appears that we’ll be working right up until December 24th and it looks like Lisa might have a shot at staying on for a month or so afterward. It would be nice because she doesn’t get much work during the winter so it would certainly give our budget a much-needed shot in the arm.

It appears that the new NYS Senate Majority Leader threw the LGBT community under the bus and never even flinched when doing so. In order to “appease” the “Gang of four” from downstate, they have apparently agreed to NOT put a bill for marriage equality on the floor for discussion for a year — after having run a party line PROMISING this bill if they took the majority.

As Alan VanCapelle, Director of the Empire State Pride Agenda said, “Civil rights should never be used as a bargaining chip” for anything. It’s indefensible AND reprehensible.

Our Christmas shopping is all done (except mine for Lisa). And, it looks like it’s going to be just me, Joe and Lisa for Christmas this year. A nice, quiet day. Haven’t had one of them for quite a while. Can’t say I’m not looking forward to that, even though I really like having the kids up for the holidays.

We’re going to be heading to Lisa’s family holiday gathering the day after Christmas and then, on the way home, will be stopping off in Bath to deliver my father’s personal items to him. He’s being paroled on the 29th. He sent me a letter a month or two ago telling me of this release date and that he had given my address as his parole address. I had to write him back and tell him that he cannot live here with me. If my neighbors find out there’s a convicted child molester on the street, our lives will be hell — and *I* didn’t do anything wrong. Thankfully, he has to be paroled back to the county that incarcerated him, which isn’t the one we live in. So…here we go again.