I have had a lot on my plate — been very busy at work and very busy outside of work.

We put up 9 quarts of potatoes from our garden last weekend — the last of them  We got a bushel of peppers chopped up and frozen, and still have a half-dozen butternut and acorn squashes left to do something with.

Had our application interview on Monday for the seasonal work at the Post Office.  Monday night we had an IMPACT meeting downtown, and Thursday had the Rochester Community Business Forum monthly social.

Have been extremely busy at work, trying to train a new person and keeping up with the work.  On Tuesday we had a double stabbing at the college and the CERT Team was deployed for crowd control.  Then we had a meeting a couple of days later to discuss the team’s role, as well as to talk about any adverse affects.  One member of our team was right in the thick of things, and helped administer first aid to one of the victims just as it was happening.  There was a lot of whining about the state’s campus alert system not being used, but the perpetrators were in custody immediately and the alert system not only wasn’t necessary, but would have been inappropriate, too.  It only would have served to tell the students where they could run to so that they might be able to see some blood and guts.

Today is the “Join the Impact” rally downtown.  Went over to some friends’ house last night and helped make signs.  But this morning Lisa and I had a “whiz quiz” at the post office — Lisa then dropped me off at home because I’m going to the rally but she has a job that she had committed to prior to this past week.

Tomorrow we’re putting in a floor and, at some point, I have to find some time to sit down and finish a knitting project that’s due for Christmas.

Hopefully I’ll have some good pictures to post.  Should be a fantastic event!