in just 21 hours, polls will open in the US for the most important and biggest election in New York history.

Can you feel it?

It’s HOPE! It’s the DREAMS of millions of Americans who want more than just the same-old, same-old in the White House.

It’s the excitement you get when you know that FINALLY some sanity is being restored.

No more President/Vice President who have trampled all over the constitution from Guantanamo Bay to the Castro District to Middle America.

No more “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality!  No more loss of credibility in the international community (although we didn’t have any more credibility to lose).

No more of a President that can’t even pronounce NUCLEAR properly!  No more of a President that speaks so UNintelligently that a book has been created of his “isms.”

Finally an America where the Middle Class, long-forgotten by past presidents, will be able to find some relief from high taxes that keep them from being able to afford housing or health care.

I am positively GIDDY this morning, in anticipation!

You absolutely MUST give a listen to a couple of Canadian comedians as they “prank” Sarah Palin:  The audio and the transcript of the audio can be found here.  This woman is dumber than a box of hair and she wants to be PRESIDENT “in 8 years?”

Oh, and, you’ve probably seen the interactive Sarah Palin in the White House web site but if you haven’t seen in in the past couple of days, it merits a re-look.  They’ve been updating it daily and there are some new surprises up there!

Sarah Palin as President