We went to the GOTV (Get Out The Vote) rally put on by the Monroe County Democratic Committee this morning.  The energy there was palpable.  People were not only energized, but excited, almost celebratory.  We heard short speeches from the candidates — Rick Dollinger, David Nachbar, Alice Kryzan (via her son), Eric Massa (via his brother), as well as some of the Democratic Committee members and chair.

Since our ruling came out on February 1, we have had the great luck to meet some important people — Rick Dollinger (running for state senate), Dave Garretson (running for state assembly), David Nachbar (running for state senate), Susan John (incumbent and running for state assembly), David Koon (incumbent and running for state assembly), Joanne Winslow (running for Supreme Court), Joan Kohout (running for family court judge), Paul Riordan (running for Supreme Court), Tom Hasman (running for county clerk), Bob Duffy (mayor of Rochester), Bill Pritchard (city council member), Sandra Frankel (local town supervisor), Tim Maines (former county legislator), Harry Bronson (minority leader for county legislature), Ted O’Brien (county legislator), and a host of Democratic Committee members including Joe Morrelle, Tom Ferrase, and, of course, our friends and partners in crime Jo and Christine.  Before that ruling came out, we only knew Jo and Christine.  We’ve been very, VERY fortunate to have met such wonderful people who have done so much for us, and will continue to do so.

But by far, I had the honor and privilege of meeting and conversing with the incomparable Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, who has always been a hero and role model for me!  We spoke briefly about women’s issues in the military, about sexual assault/battery and how it’s not taken seriously by military officials.  What an honor to have met this fantastic person!

So, after we finish making applesauce with my sister this afternoon, we’re going to hit the streets and go door-to-door at houses where registered Democrats live, and distribute voting materials and encourage them to get out and vote.

Tuesday Lisa will be volunteering to drive people to the polls who might otherwise not be able to get there.  I’ll go after work to help out in any way that I can.  Ted O’Brien was telling us today that yesterday they did more than 40 “court orders” for people to be able to go back to the polls where they had been turned away, and be allowed to vote.  They are anticipating a “tidal wave” of them on Tuesday.  This is where they’ll need the most help.

How can anyone sit home and not vote this year?  This is an historic and exciting election — one that will break new ground throughout this country.  I’m energized!