So, Hillary Clinton was the headliner at a rally at my workplace today (I work at an institution of higher learning).  Her primary role was to “stump” for three candidates in hotly contested races here in New York — Alice Kryzan, Eric Maffei, and Rick Dollinger.  Chair of the county Democratic Committee Joe Morreale really fired that crowd up as he introduced each candidate and each candidate threw their passions out into the crowd.

Senator Clinton was, as usual, articulate, passionate, and inspiring.  She made a couple of comments that were quite funny and reinforced the old saying that “It took a Democrat to clean up after the first President Bush…”

Unfortunately, I could only listen because the college’s C.E.R.T. members were being used to help with crowd control and minor security reinforcement.  Lisa and I completed C.E.R.T. training about 4 years ago now and have thoroughly enjoyed each opportunity we’ve had to use our training.

What, you ask, is C.E.R.T.?  Community Emergency Response Teams — a new(er) version of the old Civil Defense Teams, with training in fire suppression, search and rescue, first aid, natural and man-made disaster preparedness and other community emergencies.  We fall under FEMA which falls under Department of Homeland Security.

We were proud to be able to serve in this capacity and I’m betting that Public Safety and the local police (as well as the Secret Service) were thankful they had the extra “hands” on board.

Only six more days until the election — and I’m glad.  I’m sick to death of the negative ads, slinging mud, falling just short of libel/slander in the television ads.  Sick to death of it.

Oh, but wait — one more slam on Sarah Palin (guilty, as charged above).  ENJOY! [hat tip: coffeehousestudio]

146 hours and counting……