The “Yes on 8” campaign has found a new LOW in fighting dirty.  It recently sent a letter to private and public businesses and companies that have donated or otherwise given support to the “No on 8” fight.  From the director of the NCLR (contents of the “Yes on 8” campaign highlighted in red):

The letter, sent on their campaign letterhead, was signed by four members of the group’s executive committee and suggests our donors withdraw their support for their own good. It demands an equivalent donation or else:

“Were you to elect not to donate comparably, it would be a clear indication that you are in opposition to traditional marriage. You would leave us no other reasonable assumption. The names of any companies…that choose not to donate…to…will be published.

…We will contact you shortly to discuss your contribution.”

This outrageous attempt to raise money by using threats reveals their true agenda: to permanently harm the LGBT community, our organizations, our allies, and our supporters.

Kate Kendall calls these tactics “McCarthy-like.”  Damn skippy!

This letter was forwarded to the “No on 8” campaign by Abbott and Associates, a big contributor to the “No on 8” campaign, that received this threatening mail from the hatemongers.  Good for them for a) refusing to be bullied and threatened and b) making sure the “Yes on 8” campaign’s tactics are exposed.   But then again, the “Yes on 8” folks aren’t terribly bright sending this letter to a small business owned and operated by a man married to his same-sex partner.  Seems to me that “Yes on 8” publishing his name gives him some free advertisement….

You can read the full story here.