Lisa continues to improve each and every day.  She feels a heck of a lot better in a lot of ways, now that the improperly functioning gall bladder is yesterday’s old news.

Her incision sites all look good, she had the drain removed on Thursday and that hole has begun to close up nicely as well.  She said today that, on a scale of 1 to 10 for pain or discomfort, today she’d rate it as a zero.  I’m so glad she has found this kind of relief — I can’t tell you just how miserable she was for months and months and months.  And, I’m hoping that the sniping that’s been going on in our house over the past few months will end now, too.

Speaking of news, I sputtered coffee on my monitor this morning when I read in the news that Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States.  Oh, sure, bigots will say that Powell’s endorsement is borne purely from racial motivations but I seriously doubt that Powell is so superficial that he would endorse someone to lead this nation, based solely on their race.  We’ll leave that sort of stupid mentality to the Republicans who think that women will vote for Palin just because she’s a woman.

You know, back when Dubya was making a case to invade Iraq, I remember all across the web, Bush haters saying “If Powell says the WMD’s are there, I’ll believe HIM.”  Well, he said they were there.  And that’s the part that troubles me still to this day.  Did he assure Congress and the American people they were there because he’d been given bad information, or did he do so because he compromised his integrity and allowed himself to be used by Dubya and his cronies?  We’ll probably never know but, as Lisa said just this morning, a lot of Dubya’s “people” resigned during that time so that should tell us something.

We went out and about yesterday for the first time, really, since Lisa’s surgery.  We stopped off at Tim Horton’s for a coffee and then went to BJs and got some stuff we needed from there, then to Joann’s to look at some fabric.  We picked up a loom set for Lisa to try working on — I hope she sticks with it and at least tries to make one thing, no matter what that might be.  Our last stop was Linens and Things — if you didn’t know, they’re going out of business nationwide and their going-out-of-business sale will be going on through the end of the year.  After 12/31 no more Linens and Things.  This would be a good time to pick up some of those items you’ve always wanted but just couldn’t justify spending the money on.  Me?  I want one of those Roomba robot vacuum cleaners.  It would help keep the cat fur and dust down so much each and every day!  So, if you’re feeling generous…

We made about 17 quarts of applesauce this morning.  I had picked up a bushel of wonderful Macintosh apples last week.  They’ve been sitting out in the garage (where it’s cool) all this time waiting for Lisa to feel better.  It took us just about 2 hours.  Wash, core, cook and strain the apples.  And, from a calorie content, I’m happy to say that we only used 3 cups of sugar — not bad.  Now we’ll freeze it and have it all winter and spring.

I may have mentioned a while back that my Food Saver shit the bed.  Well, the company was gracious enough to not only replace it, but they upgraded it as well.  Well, yesterday we were cutting up the large packages of meats we got at BJs and, guess what?  The fucking thing wouldn’t vacuum — same problem with the first one.  I think the problem is in the hose that goes inside the machine, since the tube that vacuums the containers seemed to work fine.  So, we fiddle-fucked around with the tube and it finally worked again.  I’m so disappointed with this thing — it’s not worth the money, based on what we’ve been through with it to this point.  Maybe further down the line it’ll be worth what we put into it, but you won’t convince me of that today.

I’m still looking for creative things to do with chicken and turkey for low to no fat meals.  Lisa has lost about 7 lbs. since her surgery and I’ve lost 4 just eating low-fat foods.  We made mashed potatoes the other night and, instead of using butter we used chicken broth.  They were very tasty and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  Lisa’s appetite has been really good since her surgery and she’s enjoyed the low-fat meals I’ve come up with so far.  We got a nice package of REAL crab meat at BJs recently (for only $7) so I made a “seafood chowder” the other night.  I’ve been using non-fat dry milk in the cooking instead of regular milk and, when you add a little bit of arrowroot to the milk/broth mixture, it thickens up just enough to give it a chowder consistency.  We’re using hardly any butter or spreads, and everything thus far has been enjoyable.  I think the problem is going to be in keeping meals interesting and creative because, if I can’t, for sure we’ll fall back into the same bad habits.

I was surprised when we got done making applesauce and turned on football to see that the Buffalo/San Diego game had been “suspended.”  Looking out my window I see a clear, cloudless, perfect autumn day.  Surely the weather couldn’t be that much different (and worse) only 60 miles away!  I couldn’t find anything on the web for quite a while but finally found a game blogger who otld me what I needed to know.  Power outage.  I’m thinking that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that happen.  And, as I write this, Chicago and Minnesota are involved in quite the shootout with a score of 41-31 and still 17 game minutes left (a whole quarter)!  Dallas is getting their asses kicked by the Rams — David is beating Goliath today.

And, if all else fails, it’s still early enough for a nap.,,