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Have you had just about enough of the campaign ads this year? From local dogcatcher to President of the US, the campaign ads have been espcially negative and nasty this year.

But, I would have to say that the ones that stand out the most are the local ones — clearly the inexperienced politicians.

One such campaign is in the 26th District between Chris Lee and Alice Kryzan.  Locals will remember that it was Kryzan who, in a real upset, defeated the Democratically favored Jon Powers in the primaries.  Powers and and opponent Jack Davis were slinging mud so fast and furious with each other, they forgot to watch Kryzan who took advantage of the nastiness between the two men’s campaign to give voters a reason to vote for herself.  I might have missed something but I haven’t seen one ad from Chris Lee’s camp that tells me what Chris Lee stands for.  Every single ad of his that I’ve seen has done nothing but disparage Kryzan.  In one ad, Chris Lee tells voters that Kryzan hasn’t done anything to create jobs.  Well, how can a trial lawyer do that?  Isn’t that why she’s running for office?  It seems that the message that Lee is sending is “This is why you shouldn’t vote for Kryzan, so vote for me instead.”

Joe Robach’s campaign has used similar tactics but at least he has had a couple of ads with his groupies telling us that he’s just a darned nice guy.  While his opponent, Rick Dollinger, has had similar ads, Robach’s ads have an air of desperation about them, almost frantic.  Dollinger’s ads convey calm.  One such ad has two female Robach followers turning off their television and then accusing Dollinger of exactly what that particular ad is — a negative attack ad in which both women call Dollinger a hypocrite.  As I said — pot, kettle, black.

But then on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are some candidates that we’ve not heard a word from.  Susan John Assembly Member for the 131st District hasn’t been heard from yet.  I had to search the web to find that she is, in fact, up for re-election and is being opposed by two relatively unheard of men — Rafael Colon (I) from the Gates/Chili area and Jeffrey Morrow (R) from the city.  Nary a peep has been heard from them.  I’ve seen one lawn sign for Susan John.  Nothing more.

In the lawn sign area, it seems that the MCRC has been very busy planting these signs, as they are everywhere.  So much so, and in such great clusters, they don’t bring the eyes to any one sign for recognition of a name.  All they do is bring the eyes to the cluster, an image of chaos and confusion.

On the opposite extreme, we’ve seen few laws signs for Democratic candidates.  There are 5 in our neighborhood, counting our own two.  In our travels throughout the county, we’ve seen few others.

I hate election season, for this very reason.  Whatever happened to “marketing yourself” instead of smearing the other?

18 days and counting…