Lisa’s surgery went fantastic today!

We were told to be at the hospital by 6:15 — ugh!  We got there a couple of minutes late because we got turned around in the lobby trying to figure out where to go.  They took Lisa in immediately and about an hour or so later they called me to tell me I could sit with her.  Around 8:30 the anesthesiologist came in to talk to Lisa and tell her how things were going to go.  We said our good-byes and I headed off to the family waiting area.  It was a beautifully furnished, large and brightly lit area.  I checked in with the receptionist and she gave me a cell phone, telling me that I would be notified via that phone if anyone needed to talk to me.

I settled in and watched CNN a little bit, watching the DOW drop like a prom dress at the opening bell, watching it fall over 700 points before it began a slower rebound.  Once it got back to the plus side, I pulled out my knitting and began working the pattern.  At 9:20 the hospital-issued phone rang and I was told by the disembodied voice on the other end that Lisa was out of surgery and that everything had gone well.  We were told her surgery could take up to 2 hours but to plan for no less than 1.25 hours.  It was another hour before I could go in to see her, as she was in recovery.  But when I did get in to see her, she was sitting up in a surgery recliner, with an empty water glass and a half-eaten package of graham crackers sitting on the tray in front of her.  She looked a bit glassy-eyed but her color was good and she seemed alert.  I found out later that Lisa didn’t get into the OR until just a little before 9:00 — meaning the surgery lasted approximately 20-25 minutes.

I had Lisa home and in bed by 12:35.  Amazing!

When I had my gall bladder out 20 years ago, I was in the hospital for 9 days.  Of course, I had 5 stones impacted in the bile duct and the organ itself was diseased and withered.  Had Lisa’s been the same she would likely have spent the night and had a longer surgery, and bigger incisions.

So, she slept for a couple of hours (I napped too) and now she’s sitting up in the recliner with Idgie curled up at her feet on the recliner.  She’s eaten a couple of bananas since 4:00, had some soup and some tea and seems quite normal.  Other than Vicodin for the pain which makes her eyes glassy, you wouldn’t know by looking at her or listening to her that she had her gall bladder out a few hours ago.  She’s perky, has her sense of humor, and has spoken with her mother and her sister on the phone.

We’ll spend the weekend laying low and letting her heal up.


Congratulations Connecticut!  Same sex marriages are now allowed there!

That makes three states which allow same-sex couples to marry, and then New York which recognizes those legal unions from elsewhere.

Look for a challenge to DOMA soon — under the provisions of the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution of the United States, DOMA will likely be declared unconstitutional and the floodgates will open.

If you oppose same-sex marriage, brace yourself because you’re going to get dragged kicking and screaming into the age of equality.  If that thought enrages you, well, it really sucks to be you.


I mentioned the DOW dropping like a prom dress at the opening bell.  It was amazing to see how rapidly that happened.  It would drop 25-30 points a pop.  A year ago the DOW was at an all-time high of more than 14,000 points and today it finished at around 8,400 — a 40% drop in the past year.  A 1900 point drop this week alone, costing investors a staggering 2.4 TRILLION dollars.  These amounts of money are incomprehensible — beyond any common person’s wildest imagination.

But, if you have an extra couple of grand laying around, this is the time to strike, while these lows are still around.  Yeah, extra cash.  That’s funny, isn’t it?


A couple of conservative talk-show hosts out in Minneapolis have accused Magic Johnson of “faking” his AIDS.  But, even though Magic called their accusations “so stupid,” he has stated that he doesn’t want them to be fired.  He wants them to educate their audience.  Good for him.

And it’s idiots just like this that make people look at conservatives as nothing but a joke.  Oh, sure, I’m betting it has less to do with their politics and possibly more to do with Johnson’s race or celebrity — maybe they think that because Johnson hasn’t DIED yet, he’s faking.  But if they bothered for one second to educate themselves on that which they mock, they’d have realized just how stupid they were being.

But I’ll concede that stupidity isn’t confined to the conservatives.


Speaking of conservative stupidity — one has to wonder why a guy like Colin Powell would call Ted Stephens a man of “sterling character.”  But then again, I guess I don’t need to wonder because in 2003 Colin Powell proved to the nation that either his integrity is easily compromised, or the wool is easily pulled over his eyes — you remember, when he guaranteed that those WMDs were there?


Finally, no big surprise here, a state investigator’s report has concluded that Sarah Palin abused her power and violated state ethics laws in trying to advance a personal agenda through her official position.

I’m wondering if McCain’s status in the polls will imitate the DOW now…

The vetting process in the selection of Palin was a fucking joke.  Just like McCain.  Boy does he look stupid now!