“No heat until Trick or Treat”

That’s always been my motto.  That is, I don’t turn on the heat in the house until November 1st at the earliest.  Yep, it can get pretty nippy in the house during October but we have such drastic weather changes during October, it’s not worth burning the gas to keep the pilot light lit. Normally.

We’ve had a hard frost already.  Two or three nights in a row we got the kind of frost that you need to scrape off your car before you can drive.  The kind that kills the tomatoes and morning glories.  The kind that kills all the pollen producing shit.  It’s been sunny the past few days, beautifully so, but it’s been damned cold at night.

But then again, by the week’s end, we’re supposed to have temperatures in the mid-80s during the day with lows in the mid to high 40s or low 50s.  See why we don’t turn on the heat in October?


It sure didn’t look to me like Obama got much heat from Chimpy McSame last night during the debate.  If anything, he brought the heat TO McSame.

Is it me, or does McSame’s whiny, nasally voice reminiscent of that slick-haired, used car salesman who wants to sell you a wrecked up piece of shit for new car prices — and promises you anything in order to seal the deal, no matter how outrageous?


Speaking of heat, it looks like Sarah Palin’s “First Dude” was feeling a bit of heat when he was forced to testify in the “Troopergate” investigation.

In addition, tax lawyers have had an opportunity to review the Palins’ tax returns and find that more than $43,000 paid to the governor for travel for her family (not government employees) was not claimed as income, nor was one cent in taxes paid.  Methinks it’s getting warm after all…