Chris Lee and Joe Robach are both running such negative campaigns that they’ve lost sight of what they should be running on their ads.

Chris Lee’s ads go on and on about how Alice Kryzan isn’t the right person but I have yet to see an ad by him that tells me why I should vote for him EXCEPT to vote AGAINST Alice Kryzan.  That didn’t work for Rick Lazio when he ran against Hillary Clinton for NY State Senate, and I’m betting it’s not going to work for Chris Lee.  His ads don’t tell me one single thing that he stands for — only to not vote for Alice Kryzan.  Alice Kryzan’s ads, on the other hand, lay out her platform and ask us to ‘take the namecalling someplace else.’  Amen to that, Alice!

Joe Robach just had a commercial on that did basically the same thing — it shit all over Rick Dollinger but didn’t point out one good reason to vote for Robach — just to vote AGAINST Dollinger.  In another commercial, he claims that EVERYONE loves him.  Uh…that’s quite an outlandish claim, wouldn’t you think?  I mean, I can’t stand the guy, and I know a lot of folks that can’t stand him so that hardly qualifies as everyone loving him, right?  This is the guy who shows up for photo ops at LGBT events in the area, then goes back to Albany and votes against us in every bill that comes up.  In April’s NewlyWed in New York function, he was sent a note telling him that, in order to get in, he’d be required to sign the guest book which was an affirmation of support for same-sex marriage.  He obviously didn’t show.  Dollinger supports the LGBT community — openly.  It won’t take a mental giant to figure out who I’d like to see win.  Too bad I’m not in that voting district.

At least Alesi (my senator) is running ads that tout his values and his platform — his opponent, Nachbar, is a ghost it seems.  We met David Nachbar at a recent political function and I have to say that I was quite taken with the person.  I’m not so sure about the politician…yet. Unfortunately, I’m bettin’ that Alesi wins by a large margin.


Is it me, or is Russell Crowe highly overrated?  I don’t see one thing that is attractive about that man.  Oh, I loved him in Gladiator, but there’s nothing sexy, attractive, or even interesting about that guy.  The same is true of Richard Gere.  I mean, take a look at both of these men, a GOOD look, and try to find what it is that makes (made) women swoon.  I’m not seeing it.  Never have.


Are you watching the debate tonight?  I’m politicked out — I’ll DVR it and see it later. Maybe.