Well, after having been down for a couple of days late last week with a sore throat and swollen gland, I seem to have dodged a bullet. It looks like it was just my allergies — sinuses constantly draining cause irritation in the throat and I seem to have caught it early enough and took my Allegra like a good girl.

I’m still going to the doctor today because my blood pressure is still erratic and I’m going to talk to her today about that darned hip problem I’ve been having.

Lisa’s nervous about her surgery this Friday.  To add insult to injury, she’s developed what appears to be ringworm, most likely from doing all that demo work and being hot and sweaty in heavy clothes for that whole week.  She’s picked up some Lotramin Ultra and hopefully that will take care of it before her surgery.  Her mother may come up the week after the surgery — I think just because, as Lisa says, she needs to see with her own eyes that her kid is okay.  I get that completely.

Lisa has to take in as little fat as possible for a while after the surgery so I’m putting a call out to all of you for good recipes for low to no fat meals so that eating won’t be boring but so that it helps her body to adjust to not having that gall bladder, too.  And, of course, low to no fat meals certainly won’t hurt my fat-ass, either!

We had a wonderful weekend down in the southern tier. We made about $250 altogether and got rid of a lot of garage sale type of stuff, as well as our retail products that we deal in.  Not only did we do well financially, but we just had a really fun time.  Both mornings it was below 40 degrees when we started off — and with frost everywhere.  But the sun came out most of the time and, while it was out, it was quite pleasant.  And, of course, pleasant sunny weather seems to make peoples’ dispositions the same.  We laughed and chatted a lot with folks, many of whom seemed to be out just taking in the day and not up to anything specific.  It’s a nice change from the Rochester Public Market or even a yard sale.

My Uncle made some benches, bird feeders and birdhouses and was disappointed that he only sold one bench and one birdhouse, but didn’t want to hear that they were priced too high. I’m not sure but that he might think he’s worth $75 an hour with the stuff he makes. Now, granted, the stuff is beautiful but when you go to that type of venue, you are working with people who have a “garage sale mentality.” $90 for a garden bench will make them walk by each and every time. The one he sold, the guy offered him $50 for it.

I was glad to see that OJ Simpson has been convicted. I always knew, in my heart, that he was responsible in some way for the deaths of his ex-wife and friend but I also believe, in my heart, that the Los Angeles DA and Forensics experts were the ones who let OJ Simpson walk away unscathed from that crime. Now, justice will finally be served and he’ll get enough time that he’ll likely die in prison. What goes around comes around. Hard.

Speaking of “what goes around comes around,” I just wanted to offer some unsolicited advice to anyone who might be out there reading, “lurking” or commenting — call it a public service announcement.

It’s pretty simple, really — when you’re stupid enough to poke a stick at a dog, don’t be surprised and don’t complain when that dog bites. Hard.