Not to be confused with Olivia Newton John’s hit “Let’s Get Physical.”

I’m scheduled, tomorrow night, to give some remarks about “The State of Marriage in New York” at a forum on the positions of some of the local candidates for public office in the area(s) of Dignity for All Students Act, Healthy Teens Act, Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, and Marriage Equality.

I thought, for my part, I’d focus on the tremendous strides the Gay and Lesbian community have made in New York in the area of Marriage Equality with our unanimous Appellate Court ruling which requires that our Canadian marriage be recognized in New York.

I thought I’d also point out that the ruling has made a significant impact on the legal community, not just in this area where I live, but throughout the entire state — having opened more and more doors toward our final goal of full equality.

My final thought will be on urging those present to write, fax, email or visit their Assembly Representatives and/or their State Senators (if they’re not up for re-election) to not only support Marriage Equality but, and this is especially true for the Senators, to allow the bill to go to the floor for discussion and a vote, something that hasn’t been allowed to happen up to this point.

Along with that thought, I thought I’d encourage them to research where each candidate, regardless of party, stands on the issues that are most important to them and NOT to let advertisements or the media influence them.

ON a personal note, I’m so proud of how far we, as a community, have come this year and I see more and more advances in our collective future.

Perhaps one day we can live in a world where, to paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr, we can be judged on the content of our character rather than who we love.