We were up before 8 this morning, showered and getting our coffee and loading up the RAV for the trip to my sister’s house, bout 40 miles south of here.  It’s where our garden is.  We loaded up the pressure canner, jars, strainer, pots, cutting boards, utensils, hamburger meat and other supplies we knew we’d need.  Our plan for the day was tomatoes.

We cooked and mashed tomatoes.  Picked some more, cooked more and mashed more.  I put on the hamburger meat and took some of the tomatoes for spaghetti sauce.  We picked, we peeled, we mashed, we strained, we canned.

It seemed like we spent the day cooking and washing pots and pans.  But then again, that’s exactly what we did!  I had a large coffee when we got started on our way down at 9:30 this morning (half-caffeinated) but later in the day had an iced coffee — full caffeine.  Had some wine, too (chardonnay) with dinner.  We left to come home about 10:00 and I was so damned tired I caught myself listing towar the window on the passenger side of the RAV(while Lisa drove).  We got home, sat and relaxed a bit, then went to bed.  Where I tossed and turned for nearly two hours until I finally got up at 2:00.  I just can’t drink coffee that late in the day and especially shouldn’t drink the fully-leaded that late.  I figure that by the time the games get started at 1:00 this afternoon, that’s when my brain will really want to shut down and sleep.

My blood pressure is up too, I think.  That happens sometimes when I drink fully leaded coffee.  You’d think I’d learn…

So I was cruising around to some of the blogs I love to read and decided that I just HAVE to give a shout out to twitterpaters over at the Church of the Apocalyptic Kiwi.  If you don’t read any other blogs every day, you MUST read this one.  Twit is articulate, intelligent, and puts a lot of time and citation in his posts.  He doesn’t spread rumors, he doesn’t editorialize, he reports facts and sends you to the place where he got his information so that you can inform yourself.  He has a very well-researched chronology of the Palin-Wooten thing (Troopergate) and today’s post on “An Encyclopedia of McCain/Palin lies and distortion” is worth the trip over there as well. Read that blog, please!

Some of you have already signed up at the message board — that’s great!  I did, however, get an email from one person who reads this blog indicating that she was very interested in participating at the message board, based on the different categories that we’ve got listed but she doesn’t like to participate where there are trolls or feuds going on.  Just in case anyone else shares that same concern, I wanted to assure you all that Mr. “I HAVE PROOF” has been banned from this blog (his comments go directly to spam) and the message board itself requires registration to participate and, while I see that his IP number has been on the site, I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have the nerve to register (since you have to validate your email to activate your account).  I think that would be providing too much information for Mr. “I HAVE PROOF.”  After all, most of the fun of being a cyber-stalker is anonymity and being able to hid behind a keyboard.  Trust me, he won’t get in because I can see the IP number of everyone who registers BEFORE I approve them.  So, please, sign up and participate.  M.B., it’s taken care of.

Along that same line, if you’re getting nasty comments on your blog, and your blog is on my blogroll, please let me know!  And if that does happen, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience it may cause.

It’s weird, the things you hear in the house at o-dark-thirty when everyone’s in bed.  The fountain seems terribly loud.  I can hear Simba softly snoring from across the room.  I can hear the fan in Joe’s bedroom downstairs.  And I can hear the crickets outside.

A couple of nights ago, the coyotes out back were barking up a storm.  Not that high-pitched warble kind of thing that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up…barking.  The very next night, I heard the scream of an animal (as I told Lisa, “Some animal got GOT!”), I’m betting a deer.  Funny, too, because I’ve been in this house for 17 years now and only this summer heard coyotes for the first time.

Hey, Awake In Rochester…how come you’re NOT?  Figured your blog name would indicate I’d have someone to “chat” with in these wee hours!

I’m going to try to lay down, see what happens.  Hopefully that last trip to the bathroom got rid of the last of the coffee (caffeine) in my system.