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J.T., who, really, is the moron?

Lori, unfortunately because of the link you put in your LOLZ comment, it sent you to spam but I de-spammed your comment.

I have been accused of plagiarism on one of my posts (by my personal crazy that likes to come here and try to raise shit, but the spam filters prevent them from doing so).  And, in fact, that post IS identical to one over at and, in fact, does not cite an author.

Why?  Because *I* am the author at (Sapphic Bride) as well.  So, there you have it, in case any of you were losing sleep over that. 😉

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It’s hard to believe it’s Friday already.  But then, on the other hand, considering it was a short week, it seemed like it was twice as long!  Lots going on at work with the start of the new semester.  A long-time temporary that I had working for me up and quit on Friday so that leaves us short-staffed, too.  We’ll manage, though — we always do.

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Last weekend we had three major things we wanted to accomplish — get the tax returns done (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, it’s September), make/can spaghetti sauce, wash, wax and vacuum my vehicle.  We managed to get all three done, much to our delight.

We’d had to file an extension on our taxes because the business data was complicated and we had to do some consulting.  But, now that’s put to bed, so to speak, and we can stop stressing over that.

We picked up 30 lbs. of Romo(?) tomatoes at the local farmers’ market (ours weren’t quite ready yet) and we cooked them down and I fixed spaghetti sauce.  We actually had 8 quarts and processed 6, but one didn’t seal properly so we actually fixed the other 3 for dinner Monday and froze what was left.

Monday we spent the entire day on my RAV4.  We washed it thoroughly then, as Lisa did the inside windows, I applied the wax.  While I buffed the car, she de-cluttered it and vacuumed it out.  Finally, we added Rain-X additives to the window washing fluid and applied some to the windshield for good measure.  Lisa also wiped down all the surfaces with Armor-All.  With the exception of the lack of new car smell, it was standing tall just like a new car!

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Tomorrow we’re going over to a customer’s house to begin demolition on all the walls and wall framing in her basement (which is about 1,000 square feet, give or take a few) in preparation for some contractors coming in to treat and seal the concrete walls and floor, and they’re also going to install a waterproof vapor barrier/cushioning material to the floor as well.  Lisa thinks it may take her a full week to get everything done over there.  That’s good, and it’ll be good money as well.

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Not sure if I mentioned that Lisa’s got a date for her gallbladder surgery, but that’s October 10.  The doctor told her that, barring any complications, she could be back to work in a week doing what she does now.  Gotta love laprascopic surgery!

Football season started last night, officially, with the NY Giants beating the Washington Redskins. Eli Manning marched the Giants downfield on their first possession and then, on a naked bootleg, ran the ball into the end zone for the Giants’ first score of the season. That would be the only touchdown they scored, though, and they rode Feagles’ field goals to victory. Washington scored one touchdown in the closing seconds of the first half.

In all, not a bad game.

But, what chaps my cheeks is the TWO Monday night games — one of which is my Broncos against the Oakland Raiders but that game doesn’t START here until 10:15. As if…