I often look around me and marvel at the logic (or lack thereof) that people use in their everyday lives.  For example, this morning on my commute into work, I observed in my rearview mirror a dark car slaloming in and out of traffic at an extraordinary rate of speed, coming up on me fast.  I was in the slow lane doing the speed limit, by the way.  This idiot had to be doing no LESS than 75 and, more likely, his speeds were much higher than that.

As the vehicle rocketed past me, I noticed that it was a Nissan Altima.  But the kicker is that it was a Hybrid vehicle.  Now, call me silly but people who buy hybrid vehicles want better gas mileage and some of them even give a shit about the environment.  But when you travel at that high a rate of speed, you are consuming gasoline at a higher rate and you certainly can’t give a shit about the environment if you’re consuming gas at that rate.

So, my question is..what’s the point?  Simply so that you don’t consume gas while you’re in stop and go traffic in a construction zone?  Idiots like that don’t get it.  What they’re “saving” in the stop and go traffic, they’re consuming when they drive at high rates of speed or drive aggressively.

Then there’s the woman who, like the guy in the Altima, comes slaloming in and out of traffic and finally merges over to the slow lane, where I am doing the speed limit.  But, apparently I’m moving too slow for her so she jerks to the left, hits the gas, rockets past me and the van in front of me, jerks suddenly to the right and takes the exit that she would have gotten to in only three seconds longer had she stayed behind me.

Over on the east side of the city, near Webster, there’s a phenomenon that I haven’t quite figured out yet, either.  Everybody goes like hell and then, when Route 104 exits come up on the right, they take the exit from the far left lane, needing to shoot across three lanes of traffic.  In this section of the expressway, it’s not unusual to see a half dozen or so people doing this, all at once.  Go like hell, then screw across 3 lanes of traffic to exit.

Here in New York State, there’s a law against aggressive driving.  There’s also a law that makes it illegal to talk on a cell phone without a hands free kit.  There’s also a law against “distracted” driving.  But, you’d be hard-pressed to be convinced these laws exist since each and every day you see aggressive drivers as described above, people weaving from side to side in their lane with their cell phone pressed up to their ears, vehicles speeding up and slowing down to a crawl while drifting onto the shoulder or into another lane because the driver is texting, READING A BOOK, or putting makeup on using the rearview mirror.

I’m nowhere near being a perfect driver and yes, I’ve been known to fracture a speed limit law here and there but nowadays there’s so much shit happening on the roadways that parents have got to be total idiots if they don’t teach their offspring the concept of defensive driving.  Teaching them safe driving isn’t enough.  They have to be taught to anticipate the stupidity of anyone else on the road with them.