I’ve decided, at least for today, that instead of making one long post on any given day, I’ll do multiple shorter ones.  Hey, it helps ME keep things straight!  😉

Anyway, while our 15 minutes of fame has faded greatly (and to our tremendous relief) we find that, as we had hoped, the issue itself is still out in the public light.

From a very reliable source, I have heard today that, even though County Executive Maggie Brooks stood in front of God, country and television camera and swore that Monroe County was not going to conduct business any differently in light of the decision by the Appellate Court that valid same-sex marriages must be recognized in NY state, Monroe County is going to begin providing those benefits to county employees on the Q.T. beginning September 1st (the start of the county’s fiscal year?).

While the source is reliable, I have to qualify this post with the fact that I can neither confirm nor refute this information.

Since the firing of Steve Minarik, it seems that Maggie Brooks has softened her tone on a number of issues and, even though she hasn’t spoken publicly about some of those issues, her actions have shown that she is now acting on her own thoughts, values, and political ideals rather than those of some puppet master.

If this is true, it would stand to reason that Ms. Brooks finally figured out that she could be costing taxpayers a lot more money in defending the county against lawsuits than she can in fighting the ruling.  Oh sure, she’s probably still going to appeal but, for now, the county is violating the law by NOT complying with the ruling now known as The Martinez Decision.

How any employer, at least today, can get away with not complying with this ruling (unless, of course, they’re self-insured, falling under ERISA, a federal program) is beyond me.  And the more employers refuse to accept that they HAVE to do this (provided, of course, they provide these benefits to straight folks), the richer the lawyers are going to get.