Zucchini from our garden, picked just this morning. Click the thumbnail to enlarge picture.

They’re monster size, yes?

And here’s our sweet little boy. Lisa made the scratching ramp for all the cats, but Simba has claimed it as his own, and he loves it.

Look at this face!



We got an invite from the Director of Marriage Equality New York asking us if we’d join them on September 14th for the 5th annual Wedding March across the Brooklyn Bridge.  We had to decline as we just don’t have the money to travel and spend the night in a hotel someplace.  Ah well….

I got slammed yesterday at work — most of the summer with nothing to do and yesterday, I couldn’t keep up with it.  And, was it just existing work that only needed a few revisions here and there?  No….it all had to be typed from start.  Twelve chapters’ worth of study guide material.  I managed to get it all done and left work with a profound sense of having done something worthwhile yesterday.

Today I get in and read in the daily “news” that we get first thing in the morning that the network drive that everything is stored on went “corrupt” at 4:30 yesterday afternoon.  Everything I’d done was lost and now needs to be RE-done.

C’est live!

Some airlines are charging troops being deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq for their bags which carry their equipment and uniforms.

What the fuck is wrong with this country?