So, I’m checking the stats for my blog and find this comment, buried in with the photos of the flag raising at city hall.

Some coward, hiding behind the anonymity of his computer, buries hate speech in a remote spot on someone’s blog, and calls ME abherrent?  Any guesses as to what David’s REAL problem is?  Probably can’t get a date for the prom.

I was reading an article this morning about the principal down in Ponce de Leon, Florida that relentlessly pursued and harassed LGBT students and/or their supporters. A judge issued a written ruling that labeled the principal’s actions a “witch hunt” and that he violated the First Amendment, not only in prohibiting speech from students in support of LGBT rights, but in conducting “morality assemblies,” in violation of the First Amendment.

Get this — the school board supported the principal saying that shirts, pins, buttons and other gear that featured a rainbow or other LGBT symbols “…were signs that students were part of a ‘secret/illegal organization.”

If it wasn’t so GD pathetic, I’d laugh.

About 60 miles to the west of us, in Buffalo, the NYCLU filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross/Blue Shield for failing to provide coverage for a legally married same-sex couple — contrary to the ruling in our case.  In this particular instance, the employer was very accomodating but the insurance company refused coverage, claiming that the employer hadn’t paid a premium for “domestic partner” coverage.  Well, why would they when it isn’t DP benefits, it’s SPOUSAL benefits?

This is what is going to get these companies in trouble — their refusal/inability to understand or research the difference between domestic partnership (where two people cohabitate but don’t marry) and spousal benefits (where two people are married – duh).

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the women in this case, just after the news broke about the lawsuit.  It was pure coincidence but they were heading out the next day for an R Cruise and completely avoided the publicity surrounding the case.

Anyway, Blue Cross/Blue Shield settled the case and, in an interview on FoxNews Saturday they said that they would be recognizing the marriages and covering consumers as spouses.  Litigation is powerful stuff sometimes, isn’t it?

Speaking of FoxNews on Saturday, we also appeared in that same story.  Todd Connor from FoxNews came by the house on Wednesday and interviewed us concerning health benefits for same-sex couples.  There’s a written story here, but I don’t seem to find any video on the web.

Last Wednesday was also my birthday.  I think this is the first time my birthday came up on me and I didn’t even think about it until just a couple of days beforehand.  I never gave it a thought when I agreed to do the interview for FoxNews.  Fifty-three makes for Freudian forgetfulness where birthdays are concerned.

Hey, Lori — I fixed the photo on the previous post.  And, while it’s not unheard of for us to get snow here during the summer, I don’t think it would be that much!  😉

Am I the only one to hate the new format at  I find it EXTREMELY BUSY, and confusing.  I find I don’t even go there for my daily queer news any more.  So, besides or does anyone have any other good news sites?