I used to post here almost every day but things have been so crazy stupid that it’s hard to get any thoughts formed well enough to post, let alone find the time to do so.

I have been contributing posts to the LGBT FOGG Blog under the marriage equality category but have only been able to post clips and small things here and there as well.

But now the semester has ended, summer has started, and I can sit back and breathe a bit.

So, the big news here is that NY Governor David Paterson has instructed all state agencies to get themselves in line with recognizing legal same-sex marriages and report back to him by June 30 on any potential legal roadblocks there might be. As you can expect, there’s been a huge backlash against the governor by conservative groups (like the Alliance Defense Fund) and the Republicans throughout the state.

The top Republican, Senate majority leader Joseph Bruno (R) accuses the Governor of an “end around” to the legislature yet won’t take accountability for the fact that when the same-sex marriage bill was passed in the Assembly (85-61) and sent to the Senate, he called it “dead on arrival” and wouldn’t even send it to committee and won’t allow it to go to the floor for discussion.

So, at about 9:00 Thursday morning my phone started ringing at work — the media coming out of the woodwork wanting an interview with “the couple at the center of the controversy.” Now, in the past we have run hither, thither and yon to try to accommodate the media but with gas at $4 a gallon, I wasn’t about to do that when THEY have expense accounts! The Executive Director of the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley called to chat with me and, when it was all said and done, he had offered me the use of his conference room in which to meet the media. My good friend Jo has the contact list for the local media, so she actually sent out a press release inviting the media to the GAGV’s conference room at 2:00. I had a press conference! LOL! Now we joke that Jo is my Press Secretary. You can see video and/or reports from it here, here, here and here. (The first one has a TERRIBLE picture!)

Anyway, we were also in the New York Times again on Thursday with a really nice picture taken by a young man (James Rajotte) who came to our home in February when things first started happening. You can see the article here. I have to confess to a bit of arrogance and say that I love this picture! And you get a nice view of our hutch that we bought a little over a year ago, too. You can see a card standing up that says “Yay! You!” that was sent to us by our gay friends who live around the corner. Frank has always held that he wants to get married here at home and NOT in NY but with this ruling, he and Jim, who have been together nearly 20 years now, are rethinking where they can get married as opposed to the value of actually BEING married.

The national Alliance Defense Fund has announced that they will file a lawsuit against Governor Paterson for exceeding his authority. Their claim is that since same-sex marriages aren’t allowed in NY, they can’t be recognized, either (forget the Feb. 1 ruling from the Appellate Court that says otherwise, I guess). But I’m not disheartened or worried at all about that lawsuit. Shit, we filed ours in January of 2005 and it took until August of 2006 for it to be argued at the lowest court level. It took until November of 2007 for it to be argued at the Appellate level. By the time these bozos get their lawsuit heard, based on that excruciatingly slow time track we experienced, Obama/Clinton will be running for re-election! LOL

Lisa likens our life to living in a snow globe. Just when things settle down a bit, someone comes by and shakes it up. The snow is the media and the publicity swirling around us.
And frankly, it always does seem to be a bit like a storm and sometimes it just takes our breath away. But what wonderful NEW friends we’ve made and what a wonderful community we have found ourselves a part of as a result of this maelstrom!

I’ve DVR’d the LOGO show “Be Real” that we were on. I can actually transfer that to a DVD using my DVD writer but I’m so NOT savvy on how to get that into a format that I can upload onto YouTube or other viewing device. Anyone have suggestions?

We’re doing laundry this weekend, cleaning the house, weeding some gardens (maybe). Monday we’ll both go to the chiropractor, then finish our packing because, on Tuesday, we leave for Colorado for a week to visit my younger daughter, her husband, and the two boys. Taking the laptop so I can check in with various things and maybe drop a post here and there.

Have a great weekend!

Oh, and, check out the link up in the header that says “NY State Governor Address.”