Newly Wed In New York is tomorrow — I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning, unable to shut my brain down with all there was to do today.  I finalized my speech, about why marriage matters and why it matters what we call it.

We’re checking into the Hyatt tomorrow morning at lunchtime to get dressed and ready for the vows ceremony.  The LOGO camera person will be there to film it all, as will some of the local media.

I found comfortable yet dressy shoes, a nice necklace to “accessorize” my dress with, and have “re-pierced” my ears — that is, got earrings through existing holes that haven’t had earrings in them since our wedding day in July of 2004.  I got Lisa’s suit ironed, speech printed out on large index cards, batteries charging for the camera, makeup gathered up and ready to go in the bag, casual clothes to wear to dinner and then change BACK INTO wedding clothes for the reception (Lisa says I can’t eat dinner with my good white dress on…OINK OINK), CD for our dance marked and packed, lint brush and sweater shaver (you never know).

So, what am I forgetting?

Hopefully it’ll be something unimportant.

Pictures when I get a chance to upload them.

Wish me luck that I don’t trip over Lisa when we’re doing our bridal dance, or that I don’t spill red wine down the front of me.