I promised, three days ago now, to participate in Reader Appreciation — I didn’t get to it that day or yesterday because, well, I just wan’t online long enough to put coherent words together.  So, three days later, here’s MY contribution to Reader Appreciation.

My stat counter on my blog shows me where people come from when they visit my blog and I’ve made note that there are a lot of people who read but never comment.  That’s not a bad thing but I’ve often wondered what it is about this li’l ol’ blog that makes them come back day after day.  With very few exceptions, my life is pretty boring and I can’t imagine why people would find it that interesting.

An old friend, Michele, used to stop by quite frequently but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of her since she was going to try to break it off with her hot tamale boyfriend six months ago (or thereabouts).  I loved watching the transition that she went through, from hurt and abandoned wife to a woman finding herself again.  We go back a long ways, back to the days when I first started out on the web back in 1998 when we both hung out at the now-defunct women.com web site.  I can only hope that Michele is okay and not coming around anymore because she’s got good things going on in her life and doesn’t have the time to waste on blogs such as mine.

Jenn is another who doesn’t come around anymore these days.  Judging by her own lack of blogging and the fact that she’s got “NH” in her life, I’d say she’s happy and healthy these days, too.  Jenn blogged about her divorce in such an upbeat and humorous way that I felt myself drawn to it daily.  When she used to come here, she brought that razor sharp wit with her, often getting me into trouble at work because I’d literally laugh out loud.

Speaking of laughing out loud, Lori also gets me into trouble with her own blogging as well as her comments.  Of all the people who visit my blog, I find that Lori consistently gets right to the heart of the matter in as few as 10 words.  She has an interesting and comical way of looking at life along with all its pitfalls.  The relationship she has with her kids seems to be much like the relationship she has with her life as seen through her blog.  Lori’s good people.

Peg who stops by frequently when the weather isn’t good for biking, and less often when biking is possible, is another who can put things into a context that makes for astute observations with a bit of a humorous twist.  I saw her at various sites debating why the decision we got in our court case was not only the right decision, but why it isn’t new law either.

My old Army buddy Rodger stops by on occasion and once or twice has left comments.  Rodger is good people, with a kind heart and irreverent sense of humor.  Sharon, his wife, is very much like him and after more than 30 years of marriage, it’s easy to see how they’ve been able to stick it out for three decades or more.

Annie is a wonderful woman who is constantly on a journey.  She’s a very creative and artistic person who loves deeply.  I love her philosophy whenever I post something very personal — some matter of the heart.  She’s always there with a comment that warms me and validates me.

Awake In Rochester is a new reader, but one who seems very loyal already.  She has a kind heart and contributes a lot to the posts that I make.  WordPress gave her a complex recently and wouldn’t let her comments come through, but it seems that everything’s working okay now for her.  What I love about her is her spirituality but she doesn’t seem to let that interfere with her thought processes — and she appears to crave the kind of learning that leads to understanding not only for herself, but for her own readers.

When you think of loyal readers, PattiCake is right there at the top of the list.  She makes it a point to visit a ka-ka load of blogs each day and participates at all of them.  I’ve stolen a thing or two from her, such as PSAs, because I really like the concept.  But her FUG’s are raucous and she manages to capture the essence of reneckery down there the the Carolinas.  She’s good people.

Coming to me originally from Patti-Cake’s blog is Cheeky who also hasn’t come by much recently.  That’s because she’s of the working world these days and doesn’t have the time to sit around eating bonbons, watching soap operas and cruising the web all day long.  😉  Cheeky is, well, just as her name suggests — VERY cheeky.  Her exploits with her family read like Erma Bombeck sometimes in their familiarity.

Beecharmers is a relatively new reader who has similar interests to mine and sometimes it seems our lives have run a bizarre parallel course to each others’ — really bizarre.  But she’s a person who has a gift of introspection and I love to see where she ends up after that short journey of introspection.

LCScotty, out in Buffalo, is the least likely person I would have ever expected to frequent my blog.  He’s a Republican/Conservative but not in the way that makes you spit right after you say those words.  He’s level-headed, intelligent, open-minded, and shoots straight from the hip.  He calls me out on things he doesn’t agree with and keeps me honest.  I HEART LCScotty.

Deborah, bless her, stops by here even though today was the first visit I’ve made to her blog in a LONG time.  She’s much more loyal than I — but more than that, she’s fascinating.

Finally, my “fan” from Lynchburg, Virginia who works at the Central Virginia Community College, who stopped by here sometimes on a daily basis, but who also claimed that *I* was stalking *her* on the web, finally stopped coming around.  I REALLY appreciate that!