We had our first dance lesson today, a dance lesson for “social dance survival.” A television crew that got wind of the “…couple at the center of the gay marriage controversy in New York State…” was there, so they showed up and filmed us getting our lesson.

We had a blast and we really learned a LOT. And, I’m not all left feet like I thought I was. And Lisa learned a bit about leading and not doing the “junior prom shuffle.” It was awesome!

It was almost 80 degrees today so we loaded up our bikes in Lisa’s truck and went for a bike ride along the Erie Canal. We put in at point B and road to point A then back to B for a round trip ride of just under 5 miles. Click the link below for the map of our ride. I’m LOVING the fact that Lisa is riding with me and it makes the rides so much nicer. And, hey, if you’re ever in this area (or you live here) and you want to go on a ride along the canal, let us know. It’s a BEYOOOOTIFUL RIDE!

We each bought new MP3 players so we have our music and each other now for our rides. I’m in love with life these days!

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Lisa had her nuclear test today to see how her small intestines and her gall bladder are working (or not) and we’ll learn in a few days what the results of that were. We’re hoping that whatever they find, we can get something resolved so that Lisa can get back to eating regularly, and enjoying the things that she’s enjoyed all along.

Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll do my reader appreciation that I promised two days ago.