Lori, over at Hahnathome.com has a blog friend who has suggested a “Reader Appreciation Day” for tomorrow, April 16th.

The idea is to write about your readers and what they mean to you (or not).

I’m in.

Provided I remember. And provided WordPress doesn’t send my post the scenic route through all 7 continents and out where the Heidi football game still resides.

Stop by tomorrow — also, think about participating too. hokay?

I had to file an extension on our taxes — again. The business tax forms aren’t really all that complicated, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around them for some reason. SO, I figure to put it off until after everything settles down.

I have a hair appointment later today, for a perm, so it will have plenty of time to “relax” before the big event on the 26th.

I have to go today to find a Trisha Yearwood CD with “I’ll Still Love You More” on it because the DJ at the big event, for some reason, can’t play a CD with an MP3 version of the song on it. This is the song Lisa and I will do the “Bridal Dance” to — the one we’re taking lessons for on Thursday.

I’m on Spring Break this week, but there’s no rest for the weary.

Saturday, I spent the whole day working on tax returns for Joe, Lisa and I. I got Joe’s done but not Lisa’s or mine. Because Joe paid a shitload of money for tuition this year, I’m going to let him claim himself so he can take that lifetime learning credit. If I claim him as a dependent, he can’t claim the credit. Sucks, really. So, I ran his return both ways and found that, if I claim him, he gets back under $300. If I don’t claim him, he gets back just under $1700. He and I agreed that he would give me back, out of his return, what *I* lose by not claiming him. He’ll still be some money ahead that way.

Lisa worked Saturday, driving truck and making deliveries for a local lawn/garden place — that used to be a customer of hers when she had that *other* job. He paid her in “dead presidents,” so it’s off the books. Nice.

Sunday we were absolute turds. We didn’t even shower, just put on sweats and sat on the couch and watched several episodes of The Tudors from season one that had been residing on our DVR for weeks and weeks, along with the first two episodes of this new season.

Yesterday I had a bunch of paperwork and books to do for the company, while Lisa worked at another old customer’s shop receiving inventory. It’s nice that she can work these jobs “part-time” until her own business cranks up for the season — which it appears to be doing.

Today she’s working a job for a new customer, a friend of a friend who’s best friends with my foster sister. Hey, that’s how businesses grow, right? I have a lot of errands to run today — we have NO coffee in the house, and no creamer. The poor cats have been 3 days now without any treats. They’re hanging together, and seem to be whispering, eyes darting our way to see if we’re catching it. I think they’re plotting something, so I’d better go get some treats.

Lisa has work tomorrow as well, and possibly Friday. Both days I’ve made myself available to help out with some stuff that still needs to be done for the big event.

Thursday Lisa has her “nuclear test” on her gall bladder to see if it’s functioning properly. She’s not eating much these days, since almost everything causes pain for her. Let’s hope they discover the problem and can fix it. After the test we have our free dance lesson.

So much for Spring Break. Not much of a break if you ask me.

For any of you in the Rochester area, we are compiling a list of businesses that are supportive of the GLBTQ community, and one of those that are not. If possible, I’ll be posting that list here for any of you to peruse.  But, for now, check out the exhibitors for the Wedding Expo as well as the advertisers.   This should give you a good idea of who’s supportive.