Lori, over at tagged me a few days ago to sum up my
life in 6 words and then went on to tell the world how I’d fallen behind
in the previous assignments she’d given me.
Against the Grain (because she didn’t ever put up that message in a bottle meme
she promised and is busy being filmed by LOGO the next few days so I know
she’ll have time to think about it)

So, here’s the “Sum up my life in six words” tag.


Now there’s the matter of the message in a bottle.  In my defense on that one, I had difficulty with the logistics of it.  The PC at home has been “occupado” a lot by my son who is frantically writing papers on the 32 books he has to read this semester.  The Mac has a whole different set of resources and I’m still in a sort of learning curve with it.  Today, here, on my work computer, I think I can actually do this thing. SO….



I was completely bummed last night while watching The L Word to find that, while it’s been renewed for a sixth season, that will be it’s FINAL season.  And, on top of that, there will only be EIGHT episodes next year.  There are only TEN this year.
I was bullshit when Queer as Folk went off, and now, without The L Word, what’s a tv-addicted lesbian to do?
So, here are my predictions for the final season: 
  • Bette and Tina will get married because Bette will finally figure out that she and Tina belong together and she has to stop being a “serial cheater.”  Hopefully, they won’t go the QAF route and have them moving to Canada where their family can be better protected.
  • Alice and Tasha won’t stay together because their worlds are too vastly different.  Of course, the preview for next week’s season finale shows Alice about to kiss the new designer so that’s not a real stretch.
  • Cindi will leave Dawn and we’re going to find out that she’s smarter and stronger than Dawn gave her credit for being.  She may end up in Kit’s camp, putting Dawn down in a huge way.  Any way you slice it, Dawn’s going down (figuratively — get your minds out of the gutter).
  • Shane MAY get tamed by Molly but, in Queer as Folk style (with Brian), she’ll be alone and lonely, yet….not, at the end of the show.
  • IF Rachel Shelley is due to be back next year, you can look for Helena to return and have money again.  Whether she’ll be with “Dusty” is debateable but I’m thinking she’s only going to make a very short appearance, just to tie up that loose end.
  • Jodi will likely leave…again, but look for Tom to either stay behind or take Max with him.  I’m thinking that Max just may become a girl again.
  • At the end of every season, Jenny “goes off” someplace in an airheaded daze.  With any kind of luck, it’ll be off the roof of a very tall building this time…


Finally, if you’re a resident of Monroe County, sit up and pay attention for a minute.

We had to renew our antique truck’s registration this month.  The Monroe County Clerk had a huge drive this past year for people to NOT renew their registrations or otherwise conduct DMV business online as it deprives the county of money — it all goes directly to Albany when it’s done online.

However, we renewed the registration online anyway and then sent an email to the county clerk telling her that we did it online because of the way Monroe County treats its LGBTQ community and that we’ll continue doing so until Monroe County begins to treat us with respect and equality.  We finished it up by telling her that we are openly encouraging everyone we know to do the same, and letting her know they did, and why.

So, if you have any DMV transactions, do them online (where it’s WAY more convenient anyway), and send Cheryl Dinofolo (the county clerk) an email and tell her you did, and why. 

Do this type of thing with ANY county agency that you can bypass, and deprive of funds.  But be sure to follow it up with communication to that agency.