After two and a half days of what seemed like every minute of our lives being filmed, the production crew is on their way home now with more than 20 hours of raw video and sound footage.

Wednesday evening we had the production manager over for dinner and, while we enjoyed the company and the chat, he was clearly eyeballing everything in the house determining it’s appropriateness for filming.

We started filming on Thursday morning at 10:00. We got wired for sound, light meters were checked, and there was even a “boom” microphone held over our heads. We met with our lawyer in the late evening, then had lunch, then came back to the house and spent almost six more hours doing sit-down interviews about everything from how we met, to our civil union, to our two marriages, to our lawsuit, even to what our day-to-day lives are like. They interviewed my son for a little bit, too. At 8:00 they decided it was enough for one day and packed up their gear and left us to get a late dinner and some sleep.

I met up with them Friday morning at 9:00 and we went to my office where they got some film of me doing a couple of jobs, approving a vacation request on the phone, an interview with a member of my staff, and some shots of me going in and out of the college.

From there we came back home where we took a walk around the neighborhood, followed by one of our cats. Then it was off to the committee meeting for our community wedding reception at a place called Equal=Grounds.

We were given the remainder of the evening off after the meeting and we came home and had a light dinner of eggs. We sat blinking like toads at the television until a bit after ten and then dropped into bed, exhausted. At some point in the night, as Lisa was shifting position, she slammed her head into the bridge of my nose. I just knew I was going to wake up with at least one eye blackened, if not both. As luck would have it, neither was. I guess it felt worse than it was.

Back again at 9:30 this morning, they decided to have us show them our scrap book, and had me show them the results on Google after “googling” myself.

We finally finished up around 1:00 this afternoon and said good-bye to Sean, Gabby, and Don.

Sean tells us that this is a 5-episode series, each episode with two sections. The season premiere is April 28th (I think) and we’ll be on sometime after that.  The name of the series is “Be Real” and this is its second season.  For information on season one, click here.

I feel like I have my life back — at least for today.


Fade to black…….