The governor of NY State, or better known now as “client 9” didn’t keep his pants zipped.  Caught in a federal wiretap ordering a prostitute from a “carte blanche menu,” Elliot Spitzer briefly told the press yesterday that he was disappointed in his own behavior (yeah, now that he’s CAUGHT).  His wife looked like she wanted to smack the shit out of him and like she was smoldering, ready to ignite.  What an arrogant DICKHEAD this guy is!

We pinned a lot of hopes on this guy when we elected him.  He was pro-same-sex marriage and even introduced legislation at the State Assembly to allow same-sex couples to marry (said legislation died in the Republican-controlled Senate).

Mr. Spitzer betrayed his wife.  Mr. Spitzer betrayed his family.  Mr. Spitzer betrayed his friends.  Mr. Spitzer betrayed his colleagues.  And Mr. Spitzer betrayed his constituents.  And the fact that he hasn’t resigned immediately is nothing but arrogance.  He should do the right thing, FOR A CHANGE, and step down.

Mr. Spitzer, submit your resignation NOW!

“I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even moreso than terrorism or Islam.”

“Because what’s happening now is they are going after, in schools, two year olds.”

Gays.  That’s what Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern is railing against in this video.  This isn’t a matter of free speech or religious belief.  This is hate speech.  This is inciteful and inflammatory speech.  This is the type of speech that some people use to justify their violent attacks on gays and lesbians.  This is the type of speech that ENDORSES those attacks on gays and lesbians. Watch (or rather, listen):

Now listen to her refusal to apologize, and her “justification” for it.

What amazes me is that this type of hate — this is pure hate — this is like indoctrinating children into the concept that blacks are inferior or that they are savages.  This is HATE.  Anyway, what amazes me is that they make it okay by saying “I’m not anti-gay and I’m not gay-bashing.” 

I hate to break it to you Ms. Kern, but you ARE gay bashing.  You are spreading LIES.  You are spreading FEAR.  And those LIES, coupled with FEAR are what drive people to commit acts of violence against people.

Shame on you.

YOU should submit your resignation, too!