If you get a chance, go here and check out the video of my speech at the protest on Monday.

Also, please consider bookmarking this web site and visit it regularly for updates on what LGBT Friends of Good Government is up to. In the next few months they’ll be trying to raise money to help get officials elected locally and at the state level who better represent their constituents in the gay and lesbian community.

There’s a PayPal button there as well, allowing you to donate to the cause — we’ve got the momentum going here in New York and are striving to make New York the second state in this country to grant equal status to married same-sex couples.

This is NOT a PAC (political action committee).


If you live in the Rochester area, tune into 1370AM Monday at 1:00.  The County Attorney will be there with Bob Smith (my own attorney was on Friday at 1:00 and I even called in to “weigh in”).  We need as many people as possible to call Mr. DeLaus on that show and ask him the “hard” questions about taxpayer money, will of the people, and all that other crap that Maggie Brooks claimed.

The number to call is 263-WXXI (or you can get the number while listening to the broadcast).  CALL!