No, not at weight watchers, you goober, at the news blog concerning the same-sex marriage ruling, and the county’s decision to appeal. The news blog is here.

BUT — before you do, READ the documents that have been provided (links at the beginning of the article) and THEN respond.

Also, if any of you are in the Rochester, NY area, there will be a protest regarding Maggie Brooks’ decision to appeal and her comments on WHY she’s appealing. It will be Monday at noon at the County Building.  There will be a second one Monday from 4-6 PM.

If you are not in the area, you can send the county executive your thoughts by

Call (585.753.1000) en masse to Maggie’s office (between hours of 8:00-5:00) and/or fax (585.753.1014) a message on next Monday to protest her erroneous statements – she said: “we cannot simply extend benefits to unmarried couples.”

or any other comments she made. You can see her interviews at:



You can see the press release in the previous post.

Weigh in on the issue and tell Maggie Brooks what you think!

Oh, and, one more thing.  One of the wonderful things about owning a blog is that the blog owner gets to pick and choose what comments are accepted on the blog, and what comments are not.

If you have a comment that doesn’t support same-sex marriage, or something else I post about, I’ll respect your comment and leave it intact as long as it isn’t just some pathetic attempt to get a rise out of someone by namecalling, baiting, or otherwise inflammatory comments.

If you want to post your opinion, post it with respect, back it up with some facts or supporting documentation (or, if that’s not appropriate, an explanation on why you BELIEVE your feelings to be true), and not just “Hey, this is the way it is, so there!”

If you want ANY credibility here, be credible.  It’s pretty simple.