Suzie is our 1957 Ford F100 pickup truck, restored ONLY with 1957 F100 parts. Not 1956 parts, not 1963 parts, all 1957 F100 FoMoCo parts.

1957 was the first year that Ford manufactured the “styleside” bed — that is, the straight, sleek styling as opposed to the curved, sporty, “bulging” styling. She’s a head-turner, for sure.

What’s unfortunate is that we have to sell her, because we just don’t have the money to keep putting into her restoration and it’s time for us to be adults with our finances. New roof, window replacements, leaking patio door, stuff like that.


If you know anyone that’s looking, she’s for sale. Y’hear that Peg?


A tractor trailer overturned this morning, about 10:00, blocking all lanes of traffic through the city. There was enough room for traffic to go around only on the far left shoulder. The expressway was closed for about 3 hours or so, while cleanup occurred. Video here.


We spent about an hour today making and baking cat treats. We found a simple recipe of flour, powdered milk, egg, and some tuna broth. We kneaded, we rolled, we cut, and we baked.

And they chase the damn things around on the floor, uninterested in eating them. Anyone know a dog that might want TEN DOZEN cat “biscuits?”

I might have to force feed those rotten little kitties their “treats!” LOL!



I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get in trouble for this, but how can you not think this just adorable? Actually, Idgie started to stir as I set the laptop up to snap the picture. They were both cuttin’ Z’s — and what you can’t see is Simba on the other end of Lisa, curled up in the other corner of the couch, knocking out the Z’s also.


Is anyone else jonesin’ for some REAL television and not re-runs and fillers? I want Life, Law & Order SVU, Bones, and CSI back. Fortunately I’ve got some stuff on the DVR that I’d been recording and hadn’t watched yet. The Tudors, season one is in re-run now, priming us for season two. I’ve got all six episodes of this season’s The L Word, as well as several episodes of Biography and Knitty Gritty but, damn, I’m bored as all hell in the evenings while I knit. It might be time to join Netflix or something like that.


I think Hillary Clinton has lost too much ground to make up. Obama seems to be steamrolling ahead toward the Democratic nomination and, still, I can’t decide. Peg posted an EXCELLENT essay on her web site that I think everyone should read. Whether you love or hate Clinton, or you love or hate Obama, it gives you pause and you find yourself nodding your head in agreement.

I used to find the Hillary-bashing amusing, mostly because it was bashing her on a personal level, as if any of these bashers really KNOW Hillary Clinton. Those that refrain from bashing her personally have been able to articulate political points for their dislike of her or her campaign. I respect those that debate the issues rather than the person. Worse of all, in my opinion, are the ones that judge her on her husband or the fact that she didn’t divorce him when he dipped his wick into that intern.

I’ve liked Obama for a long time. I’ve liked Clinton for a long time (I voted for her twice for Senator). I’ve liked McCain for a long time, too. I can’t, however, bring myself to even consider for a moment, voting Republican. The Republican party represents the opposite of all this country has long stood for. Suppression, oppression, back-door politics, glad-handing pandering to the religious right, warmongering, deception, partisan politics, etc. Oh, sure, the Democratic party is guilty of some of the same things, but they DO oppose consideration of legislation based on religious principles and they DO oppose writing discrimination into our most cherished document of freedom, the US Constitution. Frankly, the Republican mindset scares the living shit out of me. They have no problems with how we got into Iraq to start with, and they justify all those dead innocents with political rhetoric. Anyone who questions the government is labeled “anti-American,” yet this nation was founded on the concept of questioning the government, and rebelling against it. Right-wing religious nutcases wield too much power in government now, and threaten our liberties by trying to insinuate Christian doctrine into the laws of our nation. We’ve put our children, and our grandchildren into so much debt that they’re not likely to see anything resembling prosperity in their lifetime. The elderly are forced to live on fixed incomes that NOBODY should be forced to live on. Health care costs are beyond reach for more than 40,000 Americans and, if something’s not done about it, only the wealthy will be able to afford it.

It has to stop. Here and now, it has to stop.


Don’t forget to take a look at the same-sex marriage FAQ list on the right sidebar. Even if you’re NOT married, or don’t live in NY, your input is important. If you suddenly found your same-sex relationship legitimized, legally recognized, whatever, what questions would you have? Don’t be bashful — I need your help to compile this list of important questions.


And finally:

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convincing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.
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