I’m off this week! Neener neener neener!

Saturday morning we had a meeting to continue plans for the community wedding reception that will be held (tentatively) on April 26th.  If any of you are in the Rochester, NY area (or want to come here for it), it’s open to anyone with a ticket in hand.  There will be hotel and restaurant information (MAYBE some discounts) as part of the event, so think about coming if you can.  I’ll be posting information on how you can get tickets, etc. when that information becomes available.

The folks involved in this planning are very energetic, passionate, and determined.  I’m proud to be a part of this with them.

After the meeting we decided that we needed to give the house a much needed cleaning but weren’t mentally up to the task.  We sat like turds for most of the day — I took a catnap in the recliner, Lisa watched television.  Later in the evening we picked up, dusted, de-cluttered some of those “hot spots,” and called it good for the night.

Sunday we were more energetic and vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed the kitchen and two of the three bathrooms.  We don’t go into Joe’s bathroom because we’re not sure if our immunizations are up to date.  😉

 I have nothing really planned for this week.  I want to get some knitting done, and I also want to get all the numbers together for our company’s income report.  Other than that, I’m planning to watch Into the West, which was a TNT series a couple of years ago and which we have on DVD now.

If I have time, perhaps I’ll work on the next installment of The Chronicles of Yawnia


We learned Saturday morning that the Empire State Pride Agenda will be awarding us the Community Service Award at their annual Spring Dinner.  An organization out in Buffalo which had previously been connected to the Empire State Pride Agenda has invited us to their Spring Brunch as guests of honor as well.

We got a phone call from the Executive Director of the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley inviting us to the Sweetheart Ball Saturday night but, in addition to not having anything appropriate to wear, we just needed some quiet home time.


We’re hearing rumors that the college won’t be appealing the ruling, but the county will.  With any kind of luck they’ll stick to the lame arguments they used before.  They have until March 2 to officially decide whether they’ll appeal.


On to the news:

A New Jersey commission which was formed to study civil unions (same-sex) in New Jersey has concluded that “…[civil] unions create a ‘second-class status’ for gay couples, rather than giving them equality. The commission falls short of recommending marriages, but this is a good positive step toward equality.

Let it suffice to say that I’m sickened by the news reports on the abuse of cows at a slaughterhouse, which led to 143 million tons of beef to be recalled. The violations involve animals that are sickened or weak enough to not be able to stand or move on their own. The animals were rammed by, and transported by forklift (then dumped). Hoses using highly pressurized water were applied in the nostrils of the animals in an effort to get them on their feet. They’re jabbed, stabbed, poked, prodded, beaten and slammed. Around here, more and more people are “raising” their own beef — that is, they purchase a calf, foster it to a farmer to be raised and, when it’s time, have it slaughtered under their own supervision, or that of someone they delegate. The pricing is very competitive. We’ve purchased a half-cow before and, given all we got, it averaged out to about $1.99 a pound for ground beef, steaks, roasts, etc. We’ve done the same with pigs, too. Maybe we’ll go back to it.

Obama and Clinton, separately, met with John Edwards — most likely looking for an endorsement. But, I also wouldn’t be surprised to find that John Edwards will be a “running mate.” I just don’t see an Obama-Clinton/Clinton-Obama ticket.

And finally:

14-year old Lawrence King was removed from life support Saturday morning after it was determined he was brain dead. Lawrence was shot in the head by another 14-year old classmate, presumably because Lawrence dressed in a feminine manner and it made the other boys “freak out.” Brandon David McInerney, 14, has been charged with premeditated murder with hate crime attachments and weapons violations attachments.

I’m getting my soapbox out.

First and foremost, hate and intolerance are learned behaviors. Our children closely watch everything we do, and listen to everything we say (okay, at least when we’re not telling them what to do). Intolerant, hateful parents breed intolerant and hateful kids.

Now, add a gun to the mix.

In the first place, when a minor is accused and/or convicted of a hate crime, the parents should be prosecuted as well. An investigation into the parents’ tolerance and hate of others wouldn’t be a difficult thing to undertake and, if it’s found the parents raised their kids in a hate-filled, intolerant environment, they should be charged as catalysts to the crime somehow.

Secondly, why do we continue to read news stories of young kids (adolescents) shooting each other in school or on the playgrounds? Because guns are so easily accessible for them. Parents or relatives own these guns and don’t keep them secured.

We’re never going to outlaw guns but maybe we CAN get legislation passed which would require stiff penalties for anyone who does not secure a gun so that a child can’t get hold of it. Or so that a burglar can’t get it. Or so it can’t be used to kill another human being out of anger, hatred, or intolerance.

We’ve really got to get some type of control on guns. Our kids’ lives depend on that.