Throughout the world wide web, on blogs with posts regarding the NY Appellate Court decision on the recognition of same-sex marriages, I have consistently seen the same basic comment from the same person — Charlotte. The post renders a short sentence of “Hoorah” on the ruling, then shamelessly pimps a web site of the author’s.

Yesterday, I finally tired of seeing the posts and decided to visit the blog. While the author, “Charlotte,” pimps her site out with a video on same-sex marriages, it is without much surprise (as of this writing) that I find no mention of the NY ruling.

So, I put a comment on Charlotte’s blog pointing out the lack of mention of that ruling, even though she’s riding it’s coattails nicely.  Everywhere it’s mentioned, there she is, shamelessly pimping herself and her site.

Unsurprisingly, I got a reply to my comment from “Charlotte” telling me that her blog doesn’t accept “hostile comments.” It further asserted that the NY Ruling isn’t mentioned because, get this, it didn’t mention Massachusetts! Can you believe that? Here’s part of that email (emphasis my own):

FYI, we’re not just a gay marriage site. We try to address other issues as well. The reason we’ve not addressed the NY decision on our blog is simple.We think that this is a great & historical step for your state as we have stated on sites that are addressing this decision. However, being from the only state in this country that acknowledges gay marriage, we can’t help but feel slighted that we were not included in this landmark decision.

“Charlotte” then goes on with >>>YAWN<<< a litany of lame reasons for putting essentially the same post (which very closely resembles SPAM) such as having support from activists, politicians, dog catchers, hairdressers, street sweepers or some type of important person. Ooooh, and she got an EMMY award “…years ago,” as if that gives her license to post her shameless, self-serving pimping of her own web site.

And finally:

I rejected your comment because we don’t accept hostile language.

Translation — we don’t accept criticism.

When you see charlotte and her shameless pimping of herself and her company do yourself a favor — Don’t go there. She has ridden on the coattails of this historic decision, knowing that people were going to be searching for information on it, and posted her crap on every search result web site she found. Why, if it’s such a huge thing for her and, if she wants to “give back to her community” as she asserts, would she not mention the ruling on her own site? Because, as she says in her email, they’re not a gay marriage site.

Then why try to pull people into the site using same-sex marriage as bait?

Self serving commercialism, that’s why.